This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

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Doomsday Cardi!

Normally today would again be Wordless Wednesday, but that’s not happening today so bare with me.  No gym either because it was a hassle with the car situation, and my hips were better but not 100%.

Right now I’m watching An American Werewolf in London, and dreading what is about to come. Just keep reading… you’ll see what I mean.

Now, on to Doomsday. Isn’t it pretty?

Now lets see what I saw last night…


Yes, those are mistakes.

Now, I’m sure I’m the only one would 1)would notice and 2) would care.

But I care. I care a lot. This is the cardigan I am supposed to get married in. If I don’t fix it, I’ll know. I’ll think about it. I’ll hate it.

Yes, there is also the problem that if I keep having to redo this, I’ll end up hating it by the time it is finished. But that, is a chance I’m willing to take.

I’ve got enough time that I’m not freaking out. I’m also getting pretty good at knitting it quickly.  I just need to make sure I remember to pay attention and not accidentally cross my cables the wrong way.

It’s off the needles and on a strand of yarn, I’ll frog that when I finally need that yarn.

Today I’m going to cast on again.

But right now… I’m going to make pizza for lunch and eat the custard I made this morning.

No, I’m not actually upset about this. Frustrated and disappointed… But not upset.  I’ll get it right eventually.


Elementary, my dear Watson.

Today I have not done much.

I woke up.  I got out of bed.  I got in the car and drove to the gym.

I drove right past my real estate agency where upon I remembered it was the 1st of February.  And I also remembered that I did not have my rent check.  Sigh.  I then also remembered that I did not have my library books, which I was going to take back after gym.  Apparently my mind did not want to function this morning.

I did however have a book with me to read (and more specifically the book I wanted to read) so that my solo biking was not boring.  I’m also up to 3 minutes on the elliptical machine.  Woot!

Turns out my solo biking turned into solo aqua class.  This is now the second class without my gym buddy.  Oh well.  She is apparently sick.  Not to fret, it’s not going to stop me from going myself.

I splurged and bought a new pair of headphones so that I can have workout music.  I like my Skullcandy Lowriders, but they are not good for activities.  As they won’t stay on the head if you do a lot of leaning.  And well… they also feel icky sweaty against your ears after a while.  Gross.

So I have now purchased some Skullcandy CHOPS.  Which are over the ear clips so that they actually stay in place.  I of course bought them on ebay (new in box) at a much discounted price. (Think 12$ w/free shipping instead of 30$ plus shipping)

I received a package in the mail from Luna at Spelled with a W, which consisted of a spell kit for Imbolc.  She was running a give away for either the Imbolc kit, or a Valentines Day Love Kit, and I really didn’t need a Love Kit, as I happened to already snag my beau.  And also that any little kit I might make for a friend… will need to wait until after the move so that I have the proper ingredients.

Today my trickery paid off, and I am now in the Vampire Sock Club 2.  Well, specifically Guy is.  But thats alright, I’m paying for it, and he shall reap the benefits of my yarn habit.  Ironically when I asked him if there were any yarns that he specifically would like me to get (out of my 12 skeins), he picked ones that I either already had (Lucien, and Michael Corvin), or ones that were already on the list that I wanted.  I’ve decided to get some more of Lucien and Michael as I really do love them, and I want to try them in the Merino Cashmere Nylon mix.

The Lucien that I already have, as I’ve already mentioned is set on the Clockwork Lucien project, which I am as also mentioned, thinking about changing the yarn on and either using the 10 skeins for other projects, or selling.  We’ll see.  And my gods that was a long run on sentence. Lol.

I’ve been enjoying the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes, which I grew up on. Jeremy Brett really was a most fantastic Holmes.

I did not make it to the library. That shall be tomorrow. Tonight shall be tucked up under the blanket, with tea and knitting, praying that my back stops tweaking sometime in the near future.  (The back has been tweaking for about 3 days now, aqua class helped this morning, but not enough sadly.)

Time to knit!

Zombie day…

So yesterday I did not blog.  I said to myself “Oh, I’ll have plenty of time when I get home!”

Yeah right.  Didn’t get home till 930pm and I had a major migraine happening.

Yesterday Mother of Mine and I got our free schmear from Einsteins. Yup, you heard me correctly, that was number 2 on the free bagels day. (We are sneaky that way- and also our local Einsteins annoyed us so we didn’t mind sticking it to them.)

Then we drove to Denver and went to the Lamb Shoppe.

I have to say… I am 100% more impressed with that LYS. I wish it was MY local LYS. (Yes, I technically just said Local twice, but thats how much I lurve it.)

It’s open, it’s got grand windows that let in light, it’s not got a single florescent bulb. You can bring your dog. And just the people are awesome.

I did not talk about a certain incident at our LYS here in the Springs a few weeks back, but the end result is I will never go to that Stitch and Bitch ever again and I really do hope those vile women go straight to hell. (It might sound bad, but I’ll be honest… If they got hit by buses… I wouldn’t be sad for them.)  (And for the record, it has nothing to do with the shop it’s self. It was patrons, not the owners)

So walking into the Lamb Shoppe and feeling welcome, and actually being able to see the yarn and stuff was just… like a breath of fresh air.

The reason we were there, other than Saturday SnB, was that it was some birthdays.

I met a lot of cool people.

Then we went to Littleton (quite literally blocks away from the very first house we lived in when we moved to Colorado all those years ago) and had a wonderful Burn’s Supper with other Blairs.

I highly doubt Robbie Burns ever would have imagined his “Ode to the Haggis” being read off of an Iphone, but there ya go. It has happened now thanks to Torin.

Katte and Curtis and the Younglings joined us, and it was much fun. (Katte and Curtis have been honorary Blairs for years in our mind, and the other Blairs are fine with it)

I managed to get through all the events without a headache. Generally when I go to Denver for something, I tragically come down with a migraine pretty much during the drive up there.

This time the migraine didn’t start until the very end, and held off for the most part just until we reached Castle Rock.  I of course was driving.  Made it home without incident, but I promptly took an allergy pill and went to bed. (We were trying to see if the allergy pill would solve the migraine, if perhaps the migraine was due to the air particulates in the Denver’s air. Colorado Springs is much more windy, so yes you’ve got dust and dirt in the air, but it’s constantly moving through as opposed to Denver where it stagnates.)

Odd dreams of course, but I also did not want to get out of bed this morning. And I almost didn’t.

Spent the day doing really… nothing. I knitted and played on the computer. I was slightly grouchy depending on whom I was talking to.

Speaking of knitting. I frogged my Doomsday.

30 rows in, and I decide I wasn’t liking something. I could have frogged back just the 10 rows to my life line, but I decided to do it all since there was one little cable that was messed up, and so I decided to just take care of it all.

I didn’t get much knitting done yesterday, only a few rows while at SnB.

But now I’m up to row 12, so I’m making progress.  I don’t have any more super sekret projekts to take care of right now, so I shouldn’t have anything to distract myself from Doomsday.

I did buy some yarn yesterday at the Lamb Shoppe. It’s this wonderful DK Merino Silk by Karabella.

I got two balls of it, Cocoa and Mink.

Mink is this gorgeous dark grey with a tinge of a pink shade… so it very much looks like mink.

Cocoa is a very dark rich brown, so dark it’s almost black.

If I could afford it, I think I would do my Clockwork Lucien in it instead. Which, I’m actually debating that project now. The yarn I have for it (Lucien) is Fingering weight, and to get even remotely the gauge I need, I need to have it at least 3 strands.

And considering Lucien is a hot commodity, I could easily sell it and make bank off of it.  *shrugs* we’ll see. Mayhaps just every month (especially if I don’t get into VSC2) I’ll just buy a skein or two of the Cocoa so that I can do my vest in that instead and horde all the Lucien for other projects.

I’m annoyed with myself for not getting any writing done last night, as I crawled into bed with the migraine and allergy pill taking hold. So tonight, if I am finally out of this Zombie Fog, I’ll do my best to make up for not writing last night.

Seriously shocking

I am still in shock.

I just had a … wait for it…

Pleasant experience calling Customer Service!

Brian at… whoever you are, you were a peach.
All it took was me giving my order number. Confirming my phone number and address. Giving him a brief run down of what the heck was going on with my Zen, and voila!
Within 24 hours, I will have my printable mailing label in my email box.
I already have my Zen and all the little bits of hardware that came with it (i’m missing just the silly little bag/pouch that came with it, and one of the software cd’s. the tiny lanyard, I’m just gonna not worry about as it works very well attached to my mothers camera, and I doubt they will notice thats not in the box) back into it’s box, and snugged inside a box fit for mailing. All I have to do, is tape the box up, slap the label on it and drop it in the mail.

The entire phone call took less than 10 minutes, honestly it took me longer to gather all the bits and pieces and do a half assed search for the software cd.

It sucks that my Zen died, but I’m glad that I had spent the 10$ for the 2 year warranty on it. Of course, that warranty will expire this up coming Nov, but I think I can renew it. I’ll have to look into that. I just need my zen to last me 18 months. Yes, I say 18 months, because if it dies in 17 months, and I’m stuck on the plane to the UK (18 hour flight minimum) with no music, or having to deal with the old school of CD’s. I’ll most likely kill someone. So, in 18 months, after I’ve had a chance to settle into the UK, it can die. I’ll get a new one. Because at that time, I should be able to afford the nice like… oh 40 gig one instead of the puny little 4 gig one I have now.

I don’t care if they just fix mine, or replace it or give me credit for a new one. I honestly don’t care, either way I’ll have a new zen soon. If they just give me credit for a new one, I don’t think they even have the 4gig ones on the website anymore, so I’d just spend a bit more and get one of the newer models. With more space on it.

But all in all, within the next 2 weeks, I’ll have my music back. Woohoo.

I don’t think there was any music on my music player that I can’t replace.. I think I was smart and either have it all on cd or I’ve still got it zipped on my computer. It’ll just require me to unzip the files again. I think I’ve even got my playlist for the “A Hard Day’s Bite” Inspiration list.
Though, I don’t think the version of the playlist I have on my laptop is up to date. Either way, thats no biggie.

Today I am home from work. Stupid Presidents day. Most likely there won’t be any posts from me later this week, simply because I’ll be working 10 hour days. Yup. Even friday. (Though, since I never do take lunch, I’ll most likely still be able to leave after 8 hours instead of 10 hours on Friday…)

Reading update:
Just finished reading “Wolfsbane and Mistletoe” Which was a collection of werewolf novels, obviously set at Christmas. I only read it for the Charlaine Harris story of “Gift Wrap” (Sookie Stackhouse). None of the other stories grabbed my interest at all to even bother reading them, and I was more interested in getting back to my knitting. So eventually I’ll own the book and go back and read all the other stories.

I also finished reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman, which I can’t recall if I spoke about at all or not. I loved the book.

I also finished reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. Which I have to say, I enjoyed this one so much more than i’ve enjoyed any of the others in the series that are set in the “Americas”. I am actually looking forward to the next one.

Couch book: How to Live on Mars by Robert Zubrin (haven’t actually started it yet)
Bed book: Tale of Desperaux
Purse book: as always, it is still The Peshawar Lancers

Knitting update:
I am about halfway done with my project of Entrelac. It looks rather pretty.. I love it. Due to the colors, it is becoming a project for Guy, which I’m sure he will use. After all, the UK has been rather cold right now.

And on a completely random note… I just watched Labyrinth for the first time in a long time. Sigh. I love that movie. I giggle at all the goblins.