This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

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Pumpkin pancakes. NOM

Today I’ve not done much.

Mostly because for now the second day in a row, my hips feel like they’ve got a corset strapped on too tightly.

Not nearly as bad as yesterday, but still… every time I move it’s painful, and just sitting, or laying down, or standing hurts.

The reason for this, is yesterday at the gym… I ducked out of Aqua class early.

For a few reasons. I didn’t like the substitute trainer we had. She had us doing everything in circles. Which totally threw off my rhythm. And she kept jumping in and out of the pool, and the 3rd time she doused water in my direction, I was just kinda done. Jes had already left as she had forgotten her wallet at home and there was no way she could go to class without having eaten something after a gym workout.

So I went out to the gym area and basically redid my entire morning workout again.

6 minutes on the elliptical machine the first time, and then another 6 minutes. It didn’t kill me!

I think doing the hip abductor machines (both inside and outside) for the second go round is what did me in.

I also focused on my arms in the second half of the days workout, which left my arms feeling quite like jelly yesterday. Today they are better.

If my hips aren’t better in the morning, I’m going to skip out on gym, only because I don’t want to do further damage. Instead I might go on Thursday. (just gym, not aqua class… I’m still not wanting to do aqua at 630 at night)

All of this means I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done. Woot. I am kicking this cardi in the bum.

Why is it that when you make a pledge saying “No other projects till this one is done” you start getting itchy fingers to start something new?

That is quite frustrating when it happens, and yes… I am suffering from that right now. But I’m holding fast. Knitting is not like writing where if you don’t write down the idea, it might vanish in the recesses of your mind.

I’ve been getting some good writing done. This is making me happy.  Lotsa action.

No, I am not watching the Olympics. Which is a good thing, as what I have seen… NBC is screwing it all to hell. Instead I’m watching McLeod’s Daughters season 5.

I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. Pancakes for supper tonight.

Pumpkin pancakes. NOM.


“Here we come on the run, coal fires burning”

“Here we come ,on the run, our coal fires burning.

Here we come, fife and drum, under the radar we crept on!”

I spent the morning rocking out to Abney Park. I finally got the chance to listen to their new album Aether Shanties. Which, totally rocks.  It was a funny picture today of me in my kitchen, making custard dancing and grooving.  Even more funny if someone had seen me, as I was listening on my mp3 player and thus I was the only one who could hear it.

What can I say… when I hear good music, I get the urge to move to it. Especially if I’m slaving over the stove for at 15 minutes of nothing but continuous stirring.  (Yes, I rock out while dyeing as well)

Once the dyeing was done, I realized it was quite chilly in the house. I opened the front door and when “holy crap… it’s snowing.”  I had no idea that snow was even in the forecast. But it’s my own fault. When I switched over from Firefox to Chrome, I lost my little toolbar that told me the weather, and I haven’t had a “real” television channel on in 3 days.

And on that note… Superbowl day? Really?

Who knew.  No… really I did know… I’ve just chosen to ignore it.  But I couldn’t for the life of me tell you who was playing etc.   Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Sometimes it leaves you cold and wondering how many inches we are gonna get.

Today has been a Stargate Atlantis marathon and dyeing.

Yesterday I did the bulk of the dyeing.  Today was tweaking and fixing some things.  I dyed a skein of Bellatrix on silk sock, and a new one. One I have been meaning to do for over 6 months now. Coraline Duvall from Moonlight.  I also dyed a skein of Romp in the Heather for a customer. I’m proud to know that I was able to recreate it.

Hopefully tomorrow they will be dry enough so that I can take photos. Also hopefully the sun will be out enough to take those photos.

My original plan for Monday was to get up super early and be at the gym at 7. Yup, not getting out of bed at 7, but be at the gym.

The snow on the car will most likely prevent this.  But I’ll still drag my butt out of bed early enough to attempt it.  I would really like to make up for not going to the gym on Friday.  After class tomorrow shall be running errands.

The good thing about rocking out to Abney Park this morning, meant I got inspired for writing.

The bad news, is it’s not getting me inspired to finish the novella. I need to find some nice WW2 music for that. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m more than willing to give it a listen.

Zombie day…

So yesterday I did not blog.  I said to myself “Oh, I’ll have plenty of time when I get home!”

Yeah right.  Didn’t get home till 930pm and I had a major migraine happening.

Yesterday Mother of Mine and I got our free schmear from Einsteins. Yup, you heard me correctly, that was number 2 on the free bagels day. (We are sneaky that way- and also our local Einsteins annoyed us so we didn’t mind sticking it to them.)

Then we drove to Denver and went to the Lamb Shoppe.

I have to say… I am 100% more impressed with that LYS. I wish it was MY local LYS. (Yes, I technically just said Local twice, but thats how much I lurve it.)

It’s open, it’s got grand windows that let in light, it’s not got a single florescent bulb. You can bring your dog. And just the people are awesome.

I did not talk about a certain incident at our LYS here in the Springs a few weeks back, but the end result is I will never go to that Stitch and Bitch ever again and I really do hope those vile women go straight to hell. (It might sound bad, but I’ll be honest… If they got hit by buses… I wouldn’t be sad for them.)  (And for the record, it has nothing to do with the shop it’s self. It was patrons, not the owners)

So walking into the Lamb Shoppe and feeling welcome, and actually being able to see the yarn and stuff was just… like a breath of fresh air.

The reason we were there, other than Saturday SnB, was that it was some birthdays.

I met a lot of cool people.

Then we went to Littleton (quite literally blocks away from the very first house we lived in when we moved to Colorado all those years ago) and had a wonderful Burn’s Supper with other Blairs.

I highly doubt Robbie Burns ever would have imagined his “Ode to the Haggis” being read off of an Iphone, but there ya go. It has happened now thanks to Torin.

Katte and Curtis and the Younglings joined us, and it was much fun. (Katte and Curtis have been honorary Blairs for years in our mind, and the other Blairs are fine with it)

I managed to get through all the events without a headache. Generally when I go to Denver for something, I tragically come down with a migraine pretty much during the drive up there.

This time the migraine didn’t start until the very end, and held off for the most part just until we reached Castle Rock.  I of course was driving.  Made it home without incident, but I promptly took an allergy pill and went to bed. (We were trying to see if the allergy pill would solve the migraine, if perhaps the migraine was due to the air particulates in the Denver’s air. Colorado Springs is much more windy, so yes you’ve got dust and dirt in the air, but it’s constantly moving through as opposed to Denver where it stagnates.)

Odd dreams of course, but I also did not want to get out of bed this morning. And I almost didn’t.

Spent the day doing really… nothing. I knitted and played on the computer. I was slightly grouchy depending on whom I was talking to.

Speaking of knitting. I frogged my Doomsday.

30 rows in, and I decide I wasn’t liking something. I could have frogged back just the 10 rows to my life line, but I decided to do it all since there was one little cable that was messed up, and so I decided to just take care of it all.

I didn’t get much knitting done yesterday, only a few rows while at SnB.

But now I’m up to row 12, so I’m making progress.  I don’t have any more super sekret projekts to take care of right now, so I shouldn’t have anything to distract myself from Doomsday.

I did buy some yarn yesterday at the Lamb Shoppe. It’s this wonderful DK Merino Silk by Karabella.

I got two balls of it, Cocoa and Mink.

Mink is this gorgeous dark grey with a tinge of a pink shade… so it very much looks like mink.

Cocoa is a very dark rich brown, so dark it’s almost black.

If I could afford it, I think I would do my Clockwork Lucien in it instead. Which, I’m actually debating that project now. The yarn I have for it (Lucien) is Fingering weight, and to get even remotely the gauge I need, I need to have it at least 3 strands.

And considering Lucien is a hot commodity, I could easily sell it and make bank off of it.  *shrugs* we’ll see. Mayhaps just every month (especially if I don’t get into VSC2) I’ll just buy a skein or two of the Cocoa so that I can do my vest in that instead and horde all the Lucien for other projects.

I’m annoyed with myself for not getting any writing done last night, as I crawled into bed with the migraine and allergy pill taking hold. So tonight, if I am finally out of this Zombie Fog, I’ll do my best to make up for not writing last night.

Nom de plume…..?

It’s a very tough decision, knowing what you shall be known by when you are an author.

Even more so when you are female.

Even more so when you are about to get married.

Even more so when the person you are about to get married to plans on having a long career in politics.

Depending on the genre, female writers don’t do as well as male authors.

Romance- Heck yeah! In fact, they do better than male authors there.

Paranormal Fiction – Sure!

Classic Literature – Errr well…  unless you are in the class of Austen and Bronte… then no.. not so much. (And truth be told, the Bronte sisters didn’t do well with their own name in their own time.)

Action / Adventure – Not really.

I don’t even know my genre yet.

I have one novella that is almost finished, which could fall in the Paranormal, and even Paranormal Romance. (It was originally written for a contest that was Paranormal Romance, but my level of romance is quite tame and nothing I wouldn’t do in the other novels.)

My current novel that I am also working on… (I know I know, I’m not done with the novella yet… I’m almost there though, and if I don’t get the words down now for the current one, I’m afraid I’ll loose them forever. I can multitask with writing.. really I can.) is a Steampunk/ Alternate Victorian / Action Adventure / with a bit of Mystery dashed in. – hmm…. that makes it a bit difficult to decide which genre is falls into in the first place, let alone what name should be on the cover.

I will admit, it’s a pride thing. I really want to see “Erin ….” on the cover.

But will it hurt my career?

Will having my name at all hurt Guy’s career? Will it help?

Then there are options. I could do my maiden name… but then I’m stuck with it for the rest of my life, and Guy will then be called (at least once) as “Mr. Gallagher”.

But will Erin Grandison sell any novels?

There are options…

E.A. Gallagher – Pretty androgynous

E.A. Grandison – Also androgynous

But I have to admit, I don’t know if I want to be known as “E.A.”

It feels like… I honestly don’t know how to describe how it feels, but it makes me slightly wiggy.

Now until I’ve actually got my manuscript ready for submission, this is actually all moot. But it is food for thought that I have been chewing on for a while now.

Part of the reason was a discussion that cropped up in a Pens and Needles group on Ravelry which that in it’s self was spurned by this article: Call me James

On one hand, going with a non de plume can  cause problems. One of my favorite authors I just found out is not in fact Kim Harrison, but instead is Dawn Cook. I didn’t much mind (other than going “wow.. she doesn’t look like a ‘Dawn’…”), but apparently it caused a lot of strife amongst the fan boards, and it came to such a furor that Kim had to quit that forum and go back into being at arms length again. Now, Kim (sorry, I just can’t call her Dawn) did go all out with the persona though. Wig, wardrobe, backstory… So I can slightly see why some people might have been irked when it all came to light as a lie.

Sigh, even typing it all out here hasn’t helped make my mind up much. Mayhaps when I actually finish my manuscripts, I’ll have a long discussion with my close peeps and see if it needs to be under a nom de plume or not.

Random: The gym today was good. I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out afterwards. Woot! I am getting better at this.