This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

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Books, Nine, and here fishy fishy..

So today I was actually up and out of bed when I wanted, and I was at the gym at like… 7:03… roughly.

Now as I’ve said before, I’ve never been one for exercise. I’ve never found that elation that comes with it.  I still haven’t.  But today something happened that I had never thought would happen.

I got on that hellish elliptical machine, set my timer for 4 minutes (remember I’ve been building up in 30 second increments) and before I knew it the 4 minutes were over!  How the hell did that happen?  I wasn’t dying, I wasn’t coughing, there was no burning sensation in my lungs. Sure, my legs felt it, they had since I stepped on it, but I didn’t feel like I was going to collapse.

Shocked is certainly an understatement.

Feeling good, and still having plenty of time I did a few of the machines. Not much on those, then I moved over to the rowing machine. I did a whole 30 minutes on that. Oooh boy. It didn’t kill me.

After that it was time for the bike, and I did my 20 minutes.

Aqua class time, this time it was a killer. You know those 30 minutes I just spent on the rowing machine? Well, our (sweet) instructor decided to have us do quite a few movements that were mimics of that action.

After class I headed across the street to Barnes and Nobel. Now this was completely a research trip. I had originally no plans on buying anything. Damn it just happened to be payday as well. And I have no willpower.

The trip was to look at Moleskine journals so that I could go online later and know exactly what size etc that I wanted.

There I was drooling over the leather bound copies of Wicked, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and a few others… I was a good girl though and did not get any of those.

Though, there was one thing I did end up buying. I couldn’t resist it.

It’s called “A Sorcerer’s Cookbook” and it is something that made my inner Foodie, and not so inner Witch go “Buy. Now.”

When the move happens, I won’t be taking my 5 Anne Rice books (4 paperbacks, and 1 hardback), I won’t be taking any of the LKH books, I won’t need most of the paperbacks I have upstairs, so having 1 more book that I will actually read again and enjoy shall have space in my moving boxes.  (Speaking of Anne Rice, if I do ever replace my Vampire Chronicles that I mentioned above, it shall be the nice leather bound all in one set that yes… is also from Barnes and Noble)

I skipped down the parking lot to Whole Foods, and once again spent too much money, but in my defense I bought flour and honey, and those two items took up a third of my bill and won’t run out for a good long while. (Well… the flour I can use up rather quickly with my bagel making.. but the honey… Will last)

Another third was taken up by my apparent need for fish. Perhaps it is because I’ve stopped taking Fish Oil and my body is finally protesting that… But this week I have been absolutely craving fish. Monday I found myself contemplating buying some crab meat (real not imitation) as it was just on my mind.  I resisted. I was a good girl (it also helped that Monday I was absolutely broke waiting for my paycheck). But then today as I was in Whole Foods, they taunted me.  Jones’ Crab Claws for 5.99 a pound. Now these claws are the big ones with lots a meat.

Yeah… I got them. I mean 1 pound gave me like 7 claws.  I shall be having me some yummy crab tomorrow.

The downside to today, is that all of the awesome workout I had this morning must have pinched something. My left thumb which has been giving me lotsa problems this winter, is bugging me again. Can’t tell where the pain is actually originating from, but my thumb clicks and feels tight, and depending on how I move it, I feel it in my wrist, or all the way up to my elbow.

This is horrific to a writer and a knitter.

I did work on my knitting today even with the pain. Got 4 rows knitted on the Doomsday Cardi.

This evening I amused myself by putting myself on Neil Gaiman’s website. It is his blogiversary of 9 years.  He put a call out to fans to submit photos of themselves, with something to do with the number 9.  My submission was not clever simply because I had a slight headache from damp hair being in a bun all afternoon and the wrist/thumb issue. (Alright, I was downright cranky from it) I was photo #361.  And all the submissions can be seen here.

If you don’t want to check out the page and see all the awesome submissions, here is my image that I put up:  (which, it’s very neat seeing all the different fans, from young to old)

The photos will most likely be made into a collage at some point in the future as he did with another event.

Oh, and I just realized it’s Wednesday, which means I should be doing a Wordless Wednesday… Oh well, it’s hard for me to do Wordless Wednesdays since Wednesday is one of my busy days, whereas Tuesdays and Thursdays are not.

Well it’s time for bed now. There was something I wanted to mention, but I’ve completely forgotten it.



Thursday already?!

Today started with me not wanting to get out of bed.

Slept in for nearly an hour even.  Well, I did kick my ass at the gym yesterday.

20 minutes on the sit down bike.

2 minutes on the elliptical machine.

45 minute Aqua class.

5 minutes (??) on the rowing machine.

I will admit I enjoyed the rowing machine, but I am not entirely sure if I was doing it correctly.  I’ll find out soon enough. If I was, I’ll keep doing it.

So all in all, it was quite a busy day at the gym and I was quite sore but sore in the good way.  This meant for really not wanting to get out of bed this morning.

But out of bed I did get.  Dressed and off to Einsteins did we go.  Thanks to facebook, Mother of Mine and I had free shmears.

After that, the grocery store and then the library.. (Which I still managed to forget to pick up a movie… oh well, it’s not like I won’t be there soon enough)

I finished a Super Sekret Projekt today.  Nope, still can’t talk about it yet.  Not till I block it, photograph it, and stick it in the mail to the person it needs to go to.

I also decided that even with it being snowy and cold, I was going to take photos of my new yarn.

Unfortunately my photographer snobbish side was only happy with how one of the yarns photographed. (I’m having such problems with purples and blues right now! New camera please?!)

Now, for some time now… well.. pretty much since I started yarn dyeing people have been asking me if I were going to dye some Harry Potter yarns.

Harry Potter yarns have been done… often. So my response has always been “If I am inspired.”  As I really didn’t want to do what everyone else has done.

So when I do Harry Potter yarns, it is probably not going to be the “main trio” or the very obvious ones.

Bellatrix was a request.  That request was not “I want a yarn inspired by Bellatrix” no… it was “I want yarn dyed in these colors so I can finally do my Bellatrix socks”.  It just turned out that the color I did reminded me of Bellatrix from Harry Potter.

There is still another Bellatrix to be shown as when I imagined her, there was just a bit more to her than what had been requested.  (Her photo shall come soon)

But today I shall speak of Felix.

Felix Felicis.

Liquid Luck for those in the know.

Now, for weeks now I’ve been imagining a hat made out of yarn like this.  Specifically the Snapdragon tam by Ysolda Teague.

I really do not wear yellow. Yellow is pretty much one of my least favorite colors. But I just cannot imagine the Snapdragon in any other color at the moment. Most likely I would make the hat, and then give it to someone who would actually wear the color.

As I finished the Super Sekret Projekt, I need to get back to my Doomsday Cardi… This will require me quite literally getting my mind back in the project, it shall take much concentration on my part till I get back in the rhythm.  But I get to transfer it on to my new Zephyr Needles from Knitpicks. We’ll see how they go.

Finished reading “M is for Magic” by Neil Gaiman last night. It is a collection of short stories and they were quite good. One of them in particular had me bawling like a baby as it was about the cats that have decided to call his house home, and I happened to start reading it the day that he blogged about putting one of his cats (Zoe the blind attic cat) to sleep. This is the 3rd cat he has lost in the last year. Zoe was the youngest at 14. Hermione and Pod were about 18 if my memory serves.  So reading a short story involving his cats just quite literally had me bawling all over again. (This past week it had been posts about Zoe leading up to her final day.)

Tonight I start reading Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs.

On the writing front, I have had a wonderfully productive week thanks to my friend Hatter.  It started with a text message at 11pm at night.  He is one of the few friends that I can text that late and not worry about waking up.  I sent him a text of “Need your help. Need a idea for a ____ from South America.”

I was shocked when I didn’t get a text back from him immediately.

Next day at about 11pm again I get a phone call from him going “Holy crap you texted. I’m sorry.. My phone sucks and didn’t tell me… here’s my thoughts on what you need.”

So thankfully, my fear about him not texting back immediately was simply a mechanical failure on his phones part. Phew.

For the next hour we chit chat back and forth bouncing ideas. He is a writer, but he is also someone who I can trust to bounce ideas off of.  He also understands Steampunk like some of my other idea people don’t.  -He is also someone who I don’t mind squeeing like a fan girl with about certain things… Like Anthony Stewart Head singing… Vampires…  bloody scalpels etc…   Sigh. I’m gonna miss  My Hatter.

Anyway, the hour long convo he and I have totally gives me a direction to go in, something I had been lacking.  Don’t get me wrong, I had the basics started, but I was hesitant.  Now my direction is clear. (Well, at least this section) It allowed me to finish that chapter and start the next. Which, when it’s the first chapter of the book (or chapter equivalent), it is quite important to feel good about finishing that chapter and moving on to the next.  If you are wishy washy about it, then it’s going to haunt you the rest of the book. My characters are making their personalities and presence known, and the world which I am creating is becoming much more apparent to me.

And on that note, I leave you for the night.  Tomorrow is the gym once more, then apparently a busy weekend after that.  The snow is still going on, and I have a feeling that tomorrow morning shall be a “oooh it’s warm in bed, I don’t wanna get up and go out!”

Oh.. last note… according to the scale at the gym on Wednesday… I lost 1/2 a pound from last week.  Which doesn’t necessarily mean a thing since I was on my period last week.  I guess we’ll see next week.

Super Seeeeekret Projects almost done!

Could it be yours?

It’s a possibility. After all, I have a few of these I’ve been doing.

I’ve been naughty and not working on the Doomsday Cardigan.

Instead I’ve been working on something else.

Something I can’t talk about. So   😛

Writing: Last night I had an awesome dream. Now mind you, this of course was an awesome dream so I do not remember much of it.

It was almost Phantom of the Opera like in the fact that there was a … theater of sorts.. and rooms, corridors and dark corners  abounding.

It was steampunkish, in the aesthetic appeal of everything. There was also this cool “light bomb” of sorts. I wrote down the details of that.. But I’m not going to share it here. Ya know.. gotta protect the intellectual goods.

I think it was snowing in the dream, but I’m not sure. It really is a shame I can’t remember all of it. It was rather neat.

I categorized this as writing, as well.. go back to the middle part with the light bomb. Connect the dots.

Tomorrow is Aqua class, and possible gym time (depending on how I feel about it, as I’ll be solo after class since Jes will have to go to school) . I am just now starting to be able to walk without wincing.

Then, I shall pick up my standard dyeing supplies after class as I’ll be on that part of town.

I think rather shortly, I shall be having a contest to name one of the new yarns. If the name comes to me, I won’t bother with the poll.. so stay tuned!

And randomly related… I really am having the urge to watch Stardust right now.

M is for Magic

“M is for Magic” is a short story collection by Neil Gaiman.

During my session of dyeing, I started reading this book whilst waiting for my dye to exhaust.

I haven’t gotten very far in the book (kettle dyeing takes far less time than my usual dip method), but I did enjoy it.

I must admit that I didn’t think my first “Neil Gaiman” inspired yarn would be M is for Magic, I had assumed it would be Sandman, Coraline, Stardust, or any of the other ones I have written down. Funny how life changes plans.

So, I decided that my semi solid purple skein would be named after the book.

M is for Magic is as I said a moment ago, a semi solid purple, with a very subtle black overdye.

It was a mistake.

When I was measuring out my dyes prior to dyeing, I thought I measured out 2 cups of the Violet dye I was working with, and also 2 cups of the Sapphire Blue. (Which was used in the Midnight colorway)

Turns out I measured out 4 cups of the Violet and that was it.

Now I only realized that when I had the yarn in the pot, and I was pouring in the violet from two different bottles and wondering why it looked… well… the same!

That’s when I realized what I did.

I quickly made a decision to overdye it with black. (After all, that was the skein I was originally trying to create Midnight with. I did Midnight after for obvious reasons)

Now, I didn’t want it to look like it had been dragged through mud like some people’s rash of overdyes have been, so I made a point to do it subtly.

I like how it turned out. But then, I am slightly biased.

On the writing front, it is going quite well. Both stories are getting regular updates. (I generally work on only one a day, but there are some days where I add a little to both. It all depends on my mood.)

M is for Magic

Seriously shocking

I am still in shock.

I just had a … wait for it…

Pleasant experience calling Customer Service!

Brian at… whoever you are, you were a peach.
All it took was me giving my order number. Confirming my phone number and address. Giving him a brief run down of what the heck was going on with my Zen, and voila!
Within 24 hours, I will have my printable mailing label in my email box.
I already have my Zen and all the little bits of hardware that came with it (i’m missing just the silly little bag/pouch that came with it, and one of the software cd’s. the tiny lanyard, I’m just gonna not worry about as it works very well attached to my mothers camera, and I doubt they will notice thats not in the box) back into it’s box, and snugged inside a box fit for mailing. All I have to do, is tape the box up, slap the label on it and drop it in the mail.

The entire phone call took less than 10 minutes, honestly it took me longer to gather all the bits and pieces and do a half assed search for the software cd.

It sucks that my Zen died, but I’m glad that I had spent the 10$ for the 2 year warranty on it. Of course, that warranty will expire this up coming Nov, but I think I can renew it. I’ll have to look into that. I just need my zen to last me 18 months. Yes, I say 18 months, because if it dies in 17 months, and I’m stuck on the plane to the UK (18 hour flight minimum) with no music, or having to deal with the old school of CD’s. I’ll most likely kill someone. So, in 18 months, after I’ve had a chance to settle into the UK, it can die. I’ll get a new one. Because at that time, I should be able to afford the nice like… oh 40 gig one instead of the puny little 4 gig one I have now.

I don’t care if they just fix mine, or replace it or give me credit for a new one. I honestly don’t care, either way I’ll have a new zen soon. If they just give me credit for a new one, I don’t think they even have the 4gig ones on the website anymore, so I’d just spend a bit more and get one of the newer models. With more space on it.

But all in all, within the next 2 weeks, I’ll have my music back. Woohoo.

I don’t think there was any music on my music player that I can’t replace.. I think I was smart and either have it all on cd or I’ve still got it zipped on my computer. It’ll just require me to unzip the files again. I think I’ve even got my playlist for the “A Hard Day’s Bite” Inspiration list.
Though, I don’t think the version of the playlist I have on my laptop is up to date. Either way, thats no biggie.

Today I am home from work. Stupid Presidents day. Most likely there won’t be any posts from me later this week, simply because I’ll be working 10 hour days. Yup. Even friday. (Though, since I never do take lunch, I’ll most likely still be able to leave after 8 hours instead of 10 hours on Friday…)

Reading update:
Just finished reading “Wolfsbane and Mistletoe” Which was a collection of werewolf novels, obviously set at Christmas. I only read it for the Charlaine Harris story of “Gift Wrap” (Sookie Stackhouse). None of the other stories grabbed my interest at all to even bother reading them, and I was more interested in getting back to my knitting. So eventually I’ll own the book and go back and read all the other stories.

I also finished reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman, which I can’t recall if I spoke about at all or not. I loved the book.

I also finished reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. Which I have to say, I enjoyed this one so much more than i’ve enjoyed any of the others in the series that are set in the “Americas”. I am actually looking forward to the next one.

Couch book: How to Live on Mars by Robert Zubrin (haven’t actually started it yet)
Bed book: Tale of Desperaux
Purse book: as always, it is still The Peshawar Lancers

Knitting update:
I am about halfway done with my project of Entrelac. It looks rather pretty.. I love it. Due to the colors, it is becoming a project for Guy, which I’m sure he will use. After all, the UK has been rather cold right now.

And on a completely random note… I just watched Labyrinth for the first time in a long time. Sigh. I love that movie. I giggle at all the goblins.

Finally the holidays are over.. well almost..

So I realize that I haven’t updated in a few days, I apologize for that. I simply wanted to make sure I gathered my thoughts entirely before posting, and before I knew it the weekend was over!

I did not work on Christmas day.
But it was mellow.

As I am at work right now, I cannot recall the little bits and pieces that I got as gifts, but I’ll try my best.
I got a game of Scrabble as I had been wanting recently to play it. Two reasons: 1) it’s a fun game. 2) it will help with my vocabulary and spelling.
I got a new neck gator from Mother of Mine that is quite Steamy. It’s tones of white, grey and black, with brass buttons that apparently were… oh I can’t recall at the moment, but they belonged to some relation of mine. And they were quite perfect. Yes it’s a button up neck gator, which I like, makes it a bit easier to deal with in the taking off and on.
Mother of mine also made me a paper portfolio. Her first attempt. It turned out rather well, and already it is holding a gaggle of loose papers I had sitting around.
I got a slew of other things, mostly small things that I can use.
On a rather amusing note; Mother of Mine and I both got each other Neil Gaiman’s Coraline for each other. Of course the reasons were almost opposite. I got it for her because it has knitting in it, though she might not be a fan of Neil Gaiman. She got it for me because I am a fan of Neil Gaiman, though I might not care about the knitting aspect. We were both tickled pink due to that.
Hunny of mine’s package arrived with a whole bunch of gifts, dating back all the way to last Valentines day. It was sweet. I balled like a baby when I opened the box before Christmas. But I did keep the 2 Christmas pressies separate and opened them on Christmas proper. Of course my mad Divination skillz worked against me when I moved the package from the box to the tree. And I unfortunately knew what it was. He was very sweet and got me Horatio Hornblower, because he knows it’s one of my favorite series. Well, he forgot that I already own it. But it’s all good, as I only had half the series, and also, he was smart and got me Region 2. (Which is the UK region coding)
I was able to try the hack I have for my dvd player, and I now am able to play region 2 dvds on my dvd player. So yes, he realizes the dvd’s will be shipped back to him sometime in the next 17 months but it’s all good. It was very sweet.

Christmas day was mostly spent playing games, watching movies, and just generally lounging about.

I had to work on Friday, but only for 5 hours, so really it was no big deal.

The weekend was spent pretty much doing nothing but reading, watching movies, and lounging about.
I finished reading Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, and I must say I loved it. I will own that book, and it is certainly one I want my children to read some day. The themes were brilliant as always.

I started reading “Full Dark House” by Christopher Fowler, which so far is good. I’m enjoying it. Can’t really say much about it at the moment though as I’m still so much in the beginning.

As far as my novel goes, I am quite proud.
I actually got a few pages written yesterday, and many notes jotted and ideas also jotted. I still have not finished chapter 5, nor actually worked on it very much, but that’s alright. I’ll finish it when I finish it. At least I’m being productive though and working on the chapters that aren’t fighting me.

I spent 15$ on a pen, which seems slightly ridiculous, but I like the pen. It’s got a fat grip therefore it doesn’t hurt my hands. And it’s a black pen, red pen, and mechanical pencil all in one. So yeah… so far it’s proving worth it. Makes adding notes or editing my long hand a lot easier.

On other news, the hair… it has finally been dyed. Coming home so early on Friday allowed me to dye my hair while it was still in the warm part of the day. Of course, the nape of my neck was freezing all day long after that, but meh. I survived. It is a neat color of black, with brown, with red.
I have also figured out what to do about my feline issue for the weekends. I let him out at 5 am, I go downstairs with him, feed him, tell him to go to the litter box (which he actually listens to me), and then he and I go back up to bed so I can sleep more weither he likes it or not. Thus far it has proven to work, and he generally just curls up in bed with me without protest.

I didn’t yesterday get to go to the Girls Night party, simply because my back was tweaking so much. 1) Sundays are never good for me to go out and do things. 2) Sunday afternoons are even worse. If you want to see me on a Sunday, make it Sunday morning around brunch time. That’s when I’m willing to do stuff.
But my back was tweaking so much that I was not in a state to be social (which unfortunately Mother of Mine can attest to)

I really should get back to work. So off I go.

Really I had written more, about a touchy situation that has surfaced, but been brewing for a while, but I have decided that the delete button was the better part of valor at the moment. See, look at me censor myself. It can be done.

You remind me of the Babe..

Last night I did not get anything written when I went to bed. I was so exhausted. I did however decide on the name of a vampire. Previously he had been a question mark, but I have decided that yes, this is his name, and it is entirely different than the one he was using. It’s also, to me.. utterly modern and normal. Which works for what I was going for. A younger vamp. Doesn’t like the rules necessarily. Nope no Spike or Armand. Nothing exotic, nor sinister. It is a name off the category I don’t like, so technically to me, it is a sinister name. But no one would know. Should I share? Hmm…. Well, I won’t share, but I will give you a tiny morsel. It starts with a J.

And no, though I have been having Labyrinth-centric thoughts recently, it is not Jareth. *grins* sadly, I wish I had money to spend, as there is an artists I found on one of my LJ groups *gagging noise related to LJ*, who made the most adorable worm. I want one. Someday, I will have the money and I will have my little worm.

She has an Etsy store, where he is not for sale (As he is being sold to someone privately) But the original post of him can be found here. Linky
Also, her Etsy store can be found here.

I am constantly having visions of my future “Office” and some day I Shall have it.
Just little things around my office to remind me of inspiration. Labyrinth was always a movie that inspired me.

Today at work was surprisingly busier than I had imagined it would be. I actually had to *gasp* work.
I was also informed (after they informed me the opposite information) that I will not be working on Christmas. Damn them. Yes, first they tell me it’s confirmed. I will be, then 2 hours later they come by and tell me that no, they were wrong. Sigh.

But I have a feeling it will get a bit quieter at work the next 2 days. Generally at this point in the season, if it’s broke, and isn’t stopping mail flow.. they don’t care. They’ll leave it till after the holiday.

Update on The Graveyard Book. I think it is absolutely delightful. Neil Gaiman has a great way to make a story unfold right before you. I will own this book, and I hope that either my children will read it, or someday I will read it to them.

I guess thats all for now, I need to avoid eating all the cookies and brownies Mother of Mine just made.