This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

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The knitting crazies

So I had to take a break from the Doomsday Cardi. I was working on the sleeve for the … 3rd time?
I ended up with a weird hole in a spot that was gonna bug me, and then had another mistake so I just decided to frog the entire thing again.
I decided to take a break because I just couldn’t stand the thought of doing the sleeve again, and then start all over with the right sleeve. So I was going to attempt Two at a Time.
Now, I haven’t actually attempted this previously as I’ve been avoiding socks. I have no idea how this will be. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

To add to my craziness during the break I decided to pick up my Ishbel again. Not to jinx myself, but this time it’s going well. *knock on wood*

I’ve got 21 rows left till it’s done. Pictures to come soon hopefully.

I guess thats all for now. Trying to get back into the habit of blogging more often.


As Frankie Said…

I did it my way.

Today was not a good day for the most part.  Kept waking up in the middle of the night because my lower back locked up thanks to the joys of having a uterus.  So I had weird dreams and thus was cranky in the morning.

I couldn’t even form coherent thoughts until well into the mid part of the day.

I have half a wedding dress.

It started so simply.  I needed to go to the post office to mail out a yarn order (woot).  While at the post office, I realized I didn’t have my wallet.  I prayed that it was simply in my jacket at home, and not some where in the street between Whole Foods and home for the last 24 hours.

Then I needed to go to the library.  So, Mother of Mine tagged along as she had a package to send as well.

As we were leaving the library (and me still not coherent yet), Mother of Mine says we are going to go to Mill Outlet.  We were going to buy the fabric for my wedding dress as they were having their 45th anniversary sale.

40% off one item, or one cut piece of fabric up to 3 yards. And 5% off the entire order.

Sadly, I needed 6 yards, but for some reason I still got 20% off the other 3 yards of fabric, and then even still got the extra 5% off of that.

We paid 176$ for the fabric, when normally it would be 250$

Last week I bought the under fabric for the dress, and spent…. I wanna say around 45$.  So, just over 220$ spent for my wedding dress.

This doesn’t bother me, as yes… I’m sure I could go to one of those 99$ sales…But…

Would I find anything that fit? No.

Would I find anything that looked good? No.

Would I find anything that I could actually wear for more than just my wedding? No.

Would I actually end up paying 99$ No.

I’m not built like most girls.  I have very broad shoulders. I also do have an Hourglass figure (though, thats been slightly hidden over the years thanks to working in call centers… it’s still there though.. still an hourglass) So if a dress has any kind of fit in the top, it won’t fit my shoulders, and if it fits my shoulders, it’s generally to big in the waist, or my hips  etc etc.

This is why I am having a dress made for me. (Notice I didn’t say “making my own dress”, I’m being honest here.)

I will not look like a giant meringue, I will not look like a bell (and that is not to be confused with “belle”).

I know what shapes work with my body.

I know what length and flow works.

This dress will look good.      I hope.

Found my wallet.  Had it with us the entire time in the car. Must have fallen out after Whole Foods yesterday. Crisis averted once again.

After that, I was finally awake enough to do what I didn’t do yesterday.

Make homemade ranch dressing.

Which… is mighty tasty if I do say so myself.  I didn’t have all the herbs I wanted, so I improvised.  It’s not bad.  Mine is not your classic Ranch, simply because of the herb change up.  But it’s good.  Next time, I’ll make sure I have the correct herbs that I want.  I’ll keep experimenting till I get it just how I want it.

I used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for it.  You can find it here.

I also made The Best Lasagna … Ever.

Which is also one of PW’s.  Here.

Of course this is me… I change things around.

I was short 1 cup of cottage cheese, but I do not feel that took away from the yummy factor.

I used 1 pound 95% lean ground beef and half a pound ground buffalo instead of hot breakfast sausage. What can I say… I’m not fond of spicy hot sausage.

I used the fresh parsley instead of dried, as I conveniently had a bunch of it left over from the ranch dressing.

I also added another layer into the mix.

Artichoke and spinach.  Oh yes, I went there.  I went there and damn it was good.  Wanna know something else?  2 cans.  Yes, you heard me. 2 cans of artichoke hearts.  Damn I’m good.  Damn it was good.  You know you love it.  Succumb to the the power of the artichoke heart.

Fast forward ohh… about an hour now, and I have a full belly.

The only thing I think I would change would be to reduce the salt.  But thats just my own choice, I don’t tend to use much salt in my cooking, and Mother of Mine can’t do the salt.  As I was holding measuring the salt out the second time, I actually debated reducing it. But no… I decided to go with Ree on this one this time… that way I would know my own opinion for next time.  I think I would reduce it by half through out the entire recipe (if you read the recipe, you’ll see what I mean).

I don’t think that I had a full pound of mozzarella cheese. They were out of the shredded packs at WF, and so I just grabbed a brick and the nice cheese man who had gone to look for the shredded packs, sliced it for me.  I think it was closer to just over half a pound of cheese.  I did not find the recipe lacking for this fact.

I did not use any tomato paste.  Didn’t need it either.  Take that lasagna, I made you how I wanted.

For the amount of food this lasagna made… I’d say it was well worth the effort.

The knitting is going well.  I’m up to row 61, so I’m very close to where I had to stop on the previous attempt.  The cables are going the correct ways, and the only thing that I’m not happy about, will tighten up when I wet block it later.  Woot!  Only 56 rows to go till I put the body down and start making the sleeves.

The writing is also going well.  I’m about to change up my routine so that I get myself to do more writing each day.  I’ll tell you about it when I get it to actually work.  Might not happen this week though because of the exhaustion factor.

I am debating making some pernicious s’mores for dessert. We’ll see if I’m up to it or not.

Now we know what happened to the Smurfs…

On a drear and wintry day we dragged ourselves into the bitter cold and slowly crept our way to the cinema.

We arrived in the parking lot at exactly 12pm when the show was to start. We decided that we wouldn’t get our seats properly etc, so instead we went over to Whole Foods and got some lunch and groceries and snacks for the next showing.

We bought some cookies from New Moon Kitchen. Ginger Snappers specifically.

I will not be giving these people a second chance on their cookies.  Mother of Mine says she’ll give them another chance with another flavor as her friend is friends with the company…  but she only ate a small bite out of my cookie, just barely 25% of it. I ate 75% of the single cookie, and hell no. Not again.

For one thing, they were like 6.99 a box.  That meant it was 2 something a cookie. In my mind, those cookies needed to taste fan-freaking-tastic.

Did they?


They tasted weird. Gave a soapish after taste.

After the movie we went back to WF and returned them. Yes, they were that bad.

Since we still had 2 hours to kill before the movie, we went over to Joann fabrics. I ended up spending money I didn’t want to spend, but it was necessary. The proper fabric for my under dress and mock up dress for the wedding was on sale. The sale was also ending yesterday, and 2$ off a yard is not something to sneeze at.

As for the movie… it of course was Avatar.

Avatar in 3d.

It was good.

My back surprisingly didn’t hurt during the long movie. And it did not feel nearly as long as I thought it would, and I did not get bored.

The glasses still pinched towards the end of the movie, so I still need to make myself a pair of comfy 3d glasses.

The music was very good.

The special effects were amazing.

The plot… was Pocahontas meets the Smurfs.  (Smurfs on steroids according to my mum)

Sam Worthington was once again totally hot. And well… I’d totally sign myself up for a 5 year space sleep if it meant I got to play in those Avatar bodies.

On the writing front, it’s amusing… I’ve been going to bed far too late recently, and I keep saying “Oh… I’m just going to write a sentence… Just a sentence. That way I’ve written something and don’t feel guilty for not writing.”

Then I end up writing sometimes up to two pages.

The Doomsday Cardi is going well, I’m up to like row 27, and I’m at a spot that previously was giving me troubles… the decreases. But this time they appear to be working… I’m just trusting Ysolda.  I’ve not been thinking about it.. Just doing it.

Well, time to fetch some dinner.

Bugs and Hisses.

Doomsday Cardi!

Normally today would again be Wordless Wednesday, but that’s not happening today so bare with me.  No gym either because it was a hassle with the car situation, and my hips were better but not 100%.

Right now I’m watching An American Werewolf in London, and dreading what is about to come. Just keep reading… you’ll see what I mean.

Now, on to Doomsday. Isn’t it pretty?

Now lets see what I saw last night…


Yes, those are mistakes.

Now, I’m sure I’m the only one would 1)would notice and 2) would care.

But I care. I care a lot. This is the cardigan I am supposed to get married in. If I don’t fix it, I’ll know. I’ll think about it. I’ll hate it.

Yes, there is also the problem that if I keep having to redo this, I’ll end up hating it by the time it is finished. But that, is a chance I’m willing to take.

I’ve got enough time that I’m not freaking out. I’m also getting pretty good at knitting it quickly.  I just need to make sure I remember to pay attention and not accidentally cross my cables the wrong way.

It’s off the needles and on a strand of yarn, I’ll frog that when I finally need that yarn.

Today I’m going to cast on again.

But right now… I’m going to make pizza for lunch and eat the custard I made this morning.

No, I’m not actually upset about this. Frustrated and disappointed… But not upset.  I’ll get it right eventually.

Pumpkin pancakes. NOM

Today I’ve not done much.

Mostly because for now the second day in a row, my hips feel like they’ve got a corset strapped on too tightly.

Not nearly as bad as yesterday, but still… every time I move it’s painful, and just sitting, or laying down, or standing hurts.

The reason for this, is yesterday at the gym… I ducked out of Aqua class early.

For a few reasons. I didn’t like the substitute trainer we had. She had us doing everything in circles. Which totally threw off my rhythm. And she kept jumping in and out of the pool, and the 3rd time she doused water in my direction, I was just kinda done. Jes had already left as she had forgotten her wallet at home and there was no way she could go to class without having eaten something after a gym workout.

So I went out to the gym area and basically redid my entire morning workout again.

6 minutes on the elliptical machine the first time, and then another 6 minutes. It didn’t kill me!

I think doing the hip abductor machines (both inside and outside) for the second go round is what did me in.

I also focused on my arms in the second half of the days workout, which left my arms feeling quite like jelly yesterday. Today they are better.

If my hips aren’t better in the morning, I’m going to skip out on gym, only because I don’t want to do further damage. Instead I might go on Thursday. (just gym, not aqua class… I’m still not wanting to do aqua at 630 at night)

All of this means I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done. Woot. I am kicking this cardi in the bum.

Why is it that when you make a pledge saying “No other projects till this one is done” you start getting itchy fingers to start something new?

That is quite frustrating when it happens, and yes… I am suffering from that right now. But I’m holding fast. Knitting is not like writing where if you don’t write down the idea, it might vanish in the recesses of your mind.

I’ve been getting some good writing done. This is making me happy.  Lotsa action.

No, I am not watching the Olympics. Which is a good thing, as what I have seen… NBC is screwing it all to hell. Instead I’m watching McLeod’s Daughters season 5.

I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. Pancakes for supper tonight.

Pumpkin pancakes. NOM.


It’s Sweaterday and I do not have photos of my Doomsday to post. That’s alright. Soon hopefully.

I’ve made lotsa progress on it. I’m up to row 47, so I’ve got about 70 rows of the body left to go before I set it aside to do the sleeves.

Drove to Denver today. That was not fun. My back was twinging the entire time, heck it even kept me up throughout the night. So a 3 hour round trip car ride was unpleasant to say the least.

The company was… strained. I was not in a bad mood, but I was hurting, and people were being… well there were dumb drivers on the road, and I had to deal with some people who drive me absolutely batty. (And when I say that, I do not mean Batty in the awesome way.)

Didn’t get any knitting done while at the SnB, because I forgot to bring another skein of yarn, and I was at the end of the current one.

I didn’t get any writing done last night or while at the SnB because last night it was after midnight when I went to bed and I was tired, and today… well it was a chaotic environment which wasn’t good for that.

Tonight when I crawl into bed, I will hopefully get my two pages done.

Reading: I put down “Must love Hellhounds” which has a Charlaine Harris short story.  It was… meh. And it’s due back at the library so it’s been put down. I might read it again after the move, but I’m not rushing out to do so.

Picked up “Dying for Chocolate” by Diana Mott Davidson. But truth be told, I’m really looking forward to the next book in my pile more. “Cross Bones” by Kathy Reichs.

I guess I’m done for the night. The opening ceremonies last night rocked.

Bugs and Hisses!

A cover that shall never be… (most likely)

I feel as though I’ve gotten nothing done.

Which is entirely not true.

Up and at the gym in the time I’d like.

The strangest thing happened to me today. I was on the elliptical machine up to 5 minutes, and I realized I was in my final minute. I looked up and the next time I looked down, I was in the post workout 5 minute cool down and wondered why my timer had reset it’s self. I then realized I was in the cool down (which I never do, as when you are only doing 4.5 minutes, it’s stupid to do another 5 minutes). I had done 6 minutes! I hadn’t even realized it. This shocked me a bit.

After gym and aqua class, I scooted home. I had invited Jes over to help me eat the crab and artichoke.

Had a good lunch with her. There was much laughing. I miss laughing with friends. I’m also slightly sad that when/if I come back to Colorado after the move, she will not be here.  Instead she will be on the West Coast in the Seattle area.

Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.

Then quickly ran out to do some errands. Post office, library, gas station.

The library was not fun.

Some idiot decided that even though I was backing out, he was going to back out of the spot immediately across from me. I stop as soon as I see him (And yes, I was there first) I honk, a woman witnessing this in her car honks, the man… remains oblivious.  As quickly as I can I put my car into drive to go back into the parking spot I had just (only have way) vacated.  I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had not done this, as the woman who was witnessing this says that the man actually hit me.  I did not feel it, so I don’t know if that’s true (my car is slightly a tank), but if it is true then my god he would have really hit me if I hadn’t been in the process of moving in the opposite direction.  Now, he also nearly hit the woman who witnessed’s car as he decided that there was enough room for him to zoom past her. (Which, really… there wasn’t that much room.)

I’m fine obviously as I didn’t feel the tap if there was one, and of course my back hurts, but it always hurts, and I had a pretty major workout week when it comes down to it. The problem with chronic back pain is that you never know if the reason your back hurts is because of something specific, or just the normal pain you deal with every day.

I guess the reason I feel like I’ve got nothing done this afternoon, is that I spent he majority of it tinkering in Pixlr.

I’ve kind of got an idea for a cover of my novella. Yes, I said novella. Which most likely won’t get it’s own cover.  And no… it still doesn’t have a name yet.

But if I don’t post my tinkering, I really will feel like the afternoon has been a waste.

All I can say is damn I really want a computer with Adobe Photoshop on it again, and also a computer that can handle running photoshop.

This image was a very rough image, but like I said, it’s mostly just to give myself an idea of what I would want for the cover. (The cover that most likely won’t ever happen since it’s a novella)

So, even though it’s a rough image… I’d love feedback.

Would this cover draw you in whilst in the bookshop?

Well, I’ve realized I’ve not had dinner, and I’m watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (which… I must be pmsing, as I keep getting overly sentimental and emotional over things while watching it).

Well, Donald Sutherland’s soothing voice just came on the telly, and I’m going to possibly knit a few rows and just spend the rest of the evening relaxing. (even though it’s already past my bed time now)

I am not taking place in the Ravelympics, nor The Yarn Harlot’s Knitolympics or whatever she calls it. No, I am just knitting for me, and shall work on my Doomsday. No new projects till it’s done, and I’m sticking to that.

Oh, and these Opening Ceremonies are frakking AWESOME.