This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer


Happy Birthday Mum – a giveaway

Edited note: Remember, to get multiple entries you need to do multiple comments (not just saying “I followed this, this and this” in 1 comment). Otherwise my RNG won’t find you.


Today is my mum’s birthday. I cannot for the life of me remember how old she is, but that’s nothing new… I’ve never remembered. We’ll go with the classy reason of “To me… she is ageless.” Yeah… that one works.

The chocolate cake I made a few weeks ago is defrosting (first time ever freezing  cake… we’ll see how it goes.).

Her pressies are ready and waiting (yes, you might think I’m a good daughter. Truth is, I totally forgot it was her birthday, but luckily I bought her presents last year and didn’t misplace them.).

So Happy Birthday mum. Hope it’s a good one.

Now onto the giveaway. No, this really wasn’t planned due to mum’s birthday… but again.. I’ll just say it is.

I have not announced this new little project before because I’ve been too busy. (Really… I need a full time assistant, and an actual work space now. This is getting ridiculous.)

The Asylum For Wayward Yarn is being a secondary sponsor for the Crafty Diversions Fan Appreciation Knit Along.

I am absolutely honored to be a part of this. I really like her patterns (had quite a few of them queued without realizing it when I agreed to be a part of this KAL), and this is a huge step up into the big leagues for my little Asylum.

I couldn’t have done it without one of my fans/customers being juts totally awesome and dropping my name when the question about yarnies came up.

Well, right now I am very sleep deprived. And when I am sleep deprived… I do stupid things. This stupid thing, you will benefit from.

On top of the prizes I am going to be doing for this KAL, I am offering up one now.

Oh, I guess I should talk about those first.

1) You are allowed to purchase some of my new colorways that I have not debuted here on the blog. (I guess I should do that) My only rule is that you actually participate in the KAL if you buy the yarn. I’ll be sad if you don’t, and a sad Erin means no more giveaways. (I’ll put the new yarn pictures down below)

2) I will be doing a Finished Object random drawing winner from this KAL. Doesn’t matter what yarn you use, if you finish your shawl, you can possibly win one of my yarns in a colorway of your choosing.

3) I will be doing an Asylum Finished Object random drawing from this KAL. If you use an Asylum yarn, you get entered to win another skein from me, colorway of your choosing.

4) Oh wait… 4… that was just me giving a skein to someone already. Nevermind… ignore that. (Yes, someone has already been lucky)

So I’m a gonna do another (yes, what great sentence structure from me this morning…) drawing. Right now.

There are several ways you can enter.

“Like” The Asylum on Facebook. – This one is obvious as to why.

“Like” Me, the author on Facebook. – I know, it’s blatant self promotion, but hey… my Asylum.. my rules. And I bet a few of you didn’t know that I have an author page on there now. Well, now you know.

“Follow” me on Twitter. – I’m not sending you to my Asylum one on twitter because I don’t really use it anymore. Just go with my personal one. I’ll do yarnie goodness on there as well. And I’m trying to be better about using twitter. (Make sure in your entry comment you tell me who you are on Twitter so that I can associate you with it)

“Follow” this blog.- Seriously, just do it. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

And one last one because I’m totally about promotion right now…

“Like” Aether Horizons on Facebook. – If you don’t know what it is, it’s a novel I’m hoping to publish later this year. Does it have anything to do with this KAL? No. But it’s my baby, and again… my Asylum… my rules.

Comment here in the comments each action you take. (I’ll be checking, so don’t try to lie… ) For each action, please leave a separate comment (it just makes it easier on me when it comes to picking the winner, and if you shove all of it into one comment, you’ll only get ONE entry.).

Alright, I think my insanity is over for the moment. On to photos of new yarn goodness.

“Beware” inspired by the most awesome band “Bitter Ruin”. I kind of love them. Kind of more than I should. If you haven’t listened to them, you should. Go do it. You won’t regret it. This yarn was created as I am knitting a hat for Georgia, who is the more feminine half of Bitter Ruin. But that is a post for another day.

“Les Pacte Des Loups” inspired by the creature that actually terrorized the French countryside in the 18th century. The Beast of Gévaudan (huh, guess I could have named it that… non? Oh well, if I ever have to change the name… that’s what I’ll change it to.) was responsible for an estimated 210 attacks, resulting in 113 deaths and 49 injuries; 98 of the victims killed were partly eaten. Some say it was a giant wolf. Some say it was a hyena (I don’t give into the people who say it wasn’t due to not having the right amount of teeth. When you kill 113 people or more, you are bound to loose a few teeth eh?). Some say it was a wild boar. Some say it’s sire was a red furred Mastiff. Some even say it was a  Mesonychid. We will sadly never know.

“The Silver Kiss”, this one amuses me because while I was dyeing it I kept thinking it reminded me of Silver Kisses. Don’t ask why, it just did. I decided on Silver Kiss instead and only then remembered that The Silver Kiss was my very first vampire book that I read as a child. I’ve spoken about the book before, in my post about “Blood and Chocolate” by Annette Curtis Klause. She also wrote The Silver Kiss. So yes, I unintentionally named it after the first vampire book I ever read. It feels appropriate.

The photo does not do the yarn justice. The subtlety of the steam and brass and copper tones is gorgeous on this yarn. I can’t wait to see it knitted into something. I had been planning a series of Steampunk yarns for a long time now, this is just the first of what will be many. Oh hey.. there ya go.. there is the tie in to Aether Horizons. See, I can justify anything.

Copper Dragonflies is another in my Steampunk line. Inspired partly by the most fabulous friend of mine who is Copper Dragonflies. Her hats will be with me at Anomaly Con (ACK, another thing I haven’t posted about.. whoopsie. I guess I’ll be doing another blog post soon!) as she is my… “apprentice”. *shifty eyes*

The Governor’s Daughter is the next in the Parley of Pirates series. Betcha can’t guess who that’s supposed to be? I’ll give you 5 guesses and the first 4 don’t count.

“The Anguisette” is the latest in my Love as Thou Wilt series, based off the immortal works of Jacqueline Carey and her Kushiel Legacy. I think it turned out just perfect.

And last but most certainly not least…

Sleepy Hollow. I really wanted Fall colors for this yarn. I think I got exactly what I wanted. Headless horsemen, Ichabod Crane… things that go bump in the night…

Alright, you’ve seen all my new yarns (which other than for the KAL, will NOT be available until April, after the Anomaly Con is over.


The knitting crazies

So I had to take a break from the Doomsday Cardi. I was working on the sleeve for the … 3rd time?
I ended up with a weird hole in a spot that was gonna bug me, and then had another mistake so I just decided to frog the entire thing again.
I decided to take a break because I just couldn’t stand the thought of doing the sleeve again, and then start all over with the right sleeve. So I was going to attempt Two at a Time.
Now, I haven’t actually attempted this previously as I’ve been avoiding socks. I have no idea how this will be. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

To add to my craziness during the break I decided to pick up my Ishbel again. Not to jinx myself, but this time it’s going well. *knock on wood*

I’ve got 21 rows left till it’s done. Pictures to come soon hopefully.

I guess thats all for now. Trying to get back into the habit of blogging more often.

Being Human, Repo the Gentic Yarn, and many other things

So my previous post was a little well… for lack of a better word… emo.
But hey, I’m a writer… it tends to be what we do at times.

After writing my blog, I went and scrubbed 2/3rds of my bathroom. This makes me happy.
I had a dust bunny, that honestly I thought he was the Prince of the Dust Bunnies, and was going to start plotting war against me.

For those who don’t know, this wood burning is from Catharsis Comic, which for the most part is on permanent hiatus, but it is still fun to go back and read through.

I kid you not about the dust bunnies in my bathroom. Colorado Springs is a dust bowl, and to be honest the dust drives me absolutely bonkers. By tomorrow my counter will once again have a coating of dust on it, but at the very least it will be a while before the grandeur of the Dust Bunny Prince decides to show his bunny self again.

So, I’ve been catching up on a lot of telly… but I’m not going to go into most of the things, cause I can’t remember most of them right now. This proves once again I need to take the time to blog more often to do my reviews.

But here is one that I am sooo ready to pimp out cause it’s like AWESOME.

Once again, a BBC production.

Being Human.

Blogger hides most of my photos no matter what I do to it in the upload, so to see Annie the Ghost, just click on the image and it will get larger. I’m annoyed at blogger for this. -.-

A Ghost, a Vampire and a Werewolf trying to live a “normal” life in Bristol.

What can I say, other than Freaking Awesome. The writing was witty, and refreshing, and well… human!
There were nice twists at appropriate places, and the episode 5 and 6 (meaning, second to last and last) had me literally going “Ohmigawd!” and squeeing and being quite creeped out at times.

I like their take on the Vampires, which it is amusing as it mimics a few of the “rules” my own vampires in “A Hard Day’s Bite” had. Ranging from sunlight to religion and the symbols of power. I liked it!

I’m never fond of the “Wolfman” style of werewolves, but I think that they pulled it off very well.

The Ghost, also had some great rules.

Mostly I liked how the stories intertwined, flowed and how you actually connected with each character. I actually cared about the characters which recently I haven’t been doing so much in regards to telly.

Oh, and it was great seeing in the first 2 episodes not 1, but 3 Doctor Who people.

Annie, played by Lenora Crichlow was in Season 3 of Doctor Who in “Gridlock”

George, played by Russell Tovey was in Season 4 Christmas Special: Voyage of the Damned (and actually it looks like he’ll be reprising his role of Midshipman Alonso Frame for at least 2 more episodes of Who, so.. WOOT!)

A character who’s name I cannot recall, was played by the actor who played Shakespeare in season 3 episode “Shakespeare Code”

I very much am looking forward to Series 2 of Being Human, I hope that it lasts for a good long while as it is a very good show. If you haven’t gone out and seen it yet.. Go do it now!

I’m actually getting inspired for some colorways from this show.
Sigh, I wish I had time and money enough to dye up all the yarn I want to dye right now!

Speaking of yarn…

I am currently knitting up a pair of socks called “Legal Assassin” which is a pattern completely designed by me! Don’t have photos at the moment since I’m still in the “working out the kinks” phase.

This sock pattern is to match the yarn “Nathan Wallace / Repo Man”

I’m quite proud of this yarn, it was my first time working with wool.
And it will be for sale. I’ve got only 1 skein left for sale at this time.

Which reminds me, I’ve been officially made into a Yarnie on Ravelry. Woot. I’m official.

What am I currently reading?

Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs

I can already say that I’m going to be pretty opinionated when I finish this book. Not necessarily about the story, but more about the over all books in general. I will be spoiling a bit for those who have not read, so when I do post that post.. don’t read if you don’t want a bit of a spoiler. Don’t worry, I’ll give warning.

I guess I’m done yammering for now.

Beth Turner, the morning after..

Heh. Sounds a bit kinky.. Morning after what?

Well.. It’s pretty mundane.

She’s dry. She’s cozy..

And here she is.. I’ll post the photo of the “One of a Kind” Cake soon. I thought I wasn’t going to like it. But it actually turned out neat.

Right now it is raining. I just finished watching disc one of Burn Notice season 2.. And now I’m watching Equilibrium. A Christian Bale/Sean Bean futuristic movie. Too early to tell if it’ll be any good.. but so far they just burned the original Mona Lisa… (oh, and apparently the guy who played Robert the Bruce from Braveheart is in the movie as well)

Today was brutally hot, and muggy in the morning. I’m loving the downpour right now.
I went over to Jes’s house and hung out with “The Girls” for a little while. Mostly just to prove that I am still alive.

I realized I should not take the pride and joy of my new work (Beth Turner) with me to show off to people whom.. well.. they don’t knit, and thus do not care.
As there was a 2 year old running around, I was not able to work on my stitch markers like I had planned.. I had forgotten that Kasha is growing and growing quickly. So I did some knitting, which I now have to go count a few rows to make sure I’m where I’m supposed to be, as I didn’t have a pen to mark my place, and if I don’t I’ll forget what row I’m on. Luckily, I know at least one spot I’ve done, so it’s just a matter of counting from there.

After that I stopped of at EvilMart to get some groceries as I was passing right bye it. Got myself a real pair of gloves for dyeing. I discovered I didn’t like using latex disposable ones, as of course your hands get sweaty and gross on the inside, and also my hands smell of powder for hours afterwards.. no matter how many times I wash them. And also, if you get dye on them, they don’t wash very well, and can transfer. So.. real gloves it is, and will also give me a bit more protection from the heat that the disposable ones didn’t. Some day I’ll upgrade to a pair of Bluettes (like.. THE gloves) And a new bucket for when I’m doing the yarn prepping and rinses.

I really need to buy myself a digital scale so that I can start knowing the shipping cost of something without having to actually go to the post office and have them weigh it for me. Ugh. Evilmart has one for 16.99$ online that I’ll prolly get. If I remember correctly it does grams as well, so I should be fine using it for the UK.

Now, I am going to go. Have some stitch markers to make. I will get to the Denver adventures to Jacqueline Carey soon, I promise!

I think I’m going to make some pizza for dinner.. mmmmm Yummy.

Bugs and Hisses!

Oh and on a random note: My Lucien from Fresh from the Cauldron arrived yesterday. Woohoo. More of the yummy werewolf. And a pattern I was hoping to get called Vindication.

100th post, and huge news!

How very lucky am I that I have huge news, and it also happens to be my 100th post on this particular blog. (Meaning, since I jumped over from Myspace… I don’t miss it. I haven’t even logged into Myspace in most likely, 2 months)

Yesterday started something major for me.
You’ve seen it coming.

The Asylum for Wayward Yarn is now up and running. It’s a little bare at the moment. I’m working on logos and such like that.

I posted my first set of stitch markers.
A set of 4 Doctor Who “Pinstripe 10” themed gems. I already knew there was interest in them prior to posting them for sale. And guess what, they sold immediately. (didn’t get the confirmation until after I came into work, simply because I had to go to bed at my normal time, and I don’t have time to check my email before I come into work)
I had already had the package ready to go, it just needed the address, the postage, and the envelope to be sealed.
Mother of Mine has kindly added those last few pieces so that it will go out in the post today instead of tomorrow.

I am excited.

Here are the envelopes ready to go:

I had stopped off at Hobby Lobby on the way home and picked up some more fixings, also so as to pick up some envelope blanks, so that I could decorate them and of course get things shipped out.

Here are the fronts of the notecards:


New set of markers I made last night: and you can also see the inside of the notecards


Beth Turner, and some more Pinstripe 10

Tonight I must work on more of the skeins. If I get time, I will make more stitch markers, but first comes the skeins.
I still haven’t gotten my dye pot. I hope it arrives today.
The knitting is going slowly, as the past few nights I’ve been focusing on *ahem* other things.

The next set of stitch markers, shall be Mick St. John. I look forward to him.
I also plan on having in my shop a “Mix and Match” option, so that, say if people want some of Beth and some of Mick, they can have it.

Alright. Time for me to get cracking at work.

I’m just very excited.

Oh. Quicky book review:
Dead and Gone – Charlaine Harris
Finished last night. I can see why some people are starting to feel that CH is kind of loosing the steam when it comes to the Sookie verse.
I don’t quite know how to explain it. But whenever something major was happening, it reminded me of my first notes. It didn’t actually show much of the violence (thinking of a big scene towards the end). It was written in the “I didn’t think they would cut me. They did.” type style. That style was how I would do my quick shorthand notes. Not the finished product. I don’t know. I really don’t know how to describe it. I don’t know if I’m happy about what happened to a certain Vamp. Actually wait.. that really bugged me. This certain person had silver capped teeth. This person bit a vampire. That vampire was supposedly then poisoned. WTF? how would being bitten by silver be any different than having a silver chain cut into their flesh? Why then did they not get silver poisoning then? Totally a cop-out methinks. And also, CH forgot her own rules. Bill entered a house without permission (or no permission that we were aware of).

Alright I’m done for now as I really must get back to work.

Bugs and Hisses people.

Best laid plans..

Alright, so Mother of Mine and I had a plan. Friday was supposed to be a double header of our local AAA baseball team. Saturday was supposed to be opening day of Faire.

Well turns out there was a snafu with the tickets for baseball (basically someone got the wrong info. Not only was the game on Saturday, not Friday, but the tickets were also completely sold out, but there was the possibility of two tickets for us.)

We had decided that we could miss opening day of Faire.. as frankly.. it’s no big deal to me anymore. I don’t know about Mother of Mine, but I’m not rushing out to faire.

So Friday, we spent chilling at home waiting to find out if we’d have tickets for the game on Saturday.
Late that evening we found out that there were not any tickets.

No biggie.

Friday (I think… I can’t recall.. the weekend has blurred) I spent the day washing and rewinding my tragic Bamboo. Yes, this is that bamboo yarn from months ago that arrived damaged. Figured I should get it washed since I was going to have dye arriving soon.

Oh, Friday I also stopped at Home Depot and picked up the final supplies for my Yardage Meter, and a PVC Niddy Noddy.

Got it washed. Got it skeined into two very large skeins.

Saturday, I decided I was going to deskein it into mini skeins. And when I say mini.. I mean 450 yards as opposed to 2 skeins consisting of 1800 yards.

Well, everything is an experience, and one learns from those experiences.. Lets just say, I have learned a lot.

I made the mistake of thinking I corral the yarn, having it draped on my wooden staff, while I slowly pull the yarn, run it through the meter, and put it onto my swift.

Simple plan right?

BIG mistake.

Thankfully, it was the smaller skein of the two that I had been working with..
But yes, the half entire mess slid off the staff at one point and now is a pool of tangled bamboo yarn.
I spent all of Saturday night, including staying up past midnight working on untangling bits.

I also spent most of Sunday doing the same.

What do I have to show for over 10 hours of untangling? Oh.. about 300yards. Thats about it. And that poor skein has so many joins in it. Thank goodness I wasn’t planning on selling it.

Finally after giving up about 3:30 in the afternoon (seriously, after having worked on it since 8 am) I felt like I could fall asleep right then and there. I was so exhausted. I forgot to mention my back, neck and knees throughout this entire process were on fire. After dinner (about 4:30) I finally decided that I couldnt’ just give up for the night entirely. I had put away the tangled mess so that we weren’t tripping on it, but I took down the much larger skein. The one that I was originally afraid of tangling lol.
I put it on my swift.
I then slowly ran off 450 yards worth through my meter and onto my ball winder.

Took me about 15 minutes. And the reason it took that long, was because the skein was so big on the swift, I couldn’t just pull the yarn and make it move. I had to pull a section off slowly, and then run it through and cake it (put it on the winder). Then repeat the process.

I’m just going to cake up the entire amount, and then after that I’ll use my niddy noddy to skein it for dyeing.

And then.. then and only then will I go back to working on the other skein of tangled mess.

I have to admit.. Other than my back hurting to the point of tears… I am quite proud of myself when it comes to this fiasco.. I didn’t get frustrated, I didn’t scream and yell.. I just sat there with a zen like concentration untangling the mess and watching movies.
By the by.. on to movies.

The Unit season 3- very good season.. Sad that it was cut short due to the writers strike. But loved it.

Battlestar Galactica season 3- also a good season. I admit I was very confused by the first episode. But then everything started making sense.

Doom- Yup. Finally watched it. I needed a Karl Urban fix. It was a fun movie. Brought back memories, as I remember playing Doom when I was kid. It was the only video game that was at our friend Grace and David’s house.. so guess what I played? yup. I sucked at the game. But the movie was amusing.

Mulberry- a British show from.. well I have no idea when it was done. The music for the opening credits and the closing credits are HORRIBLE. But otherwise the show was amusing. It was about a mysterious man who was sent to deal wtih a horrible cranky old lady. turns out, he’s a grim reaper sent by death. The show was cute.

Primeval – I really liked this show. Not much to say about it other than I’d really love to have my own little Rex.

Umm.. I think thats it for now…

I’m flipping exhausted by the by.

Oh and I’m reading Dead and Gone the newest Sookie Stackhouse book. I am once again slightly sad that I do not have HBO as the new season of True Blood is starting. Well.. haven’t seen season 1 yet fully so it’s not a big deal but everyone loves to chat about it online. Sigh.

Okay, I guess it’s back to work for me. I’m less freaked out now by work than I was on Friday.

Bugs and Hisses

The love of Terminator. And cuddly werewolves.

Alright. So, yesterday I was cranky. So very cranky that I couldn’t wait to get out of work. I think what started the crankiness (Other than dealing with crappy internet services in the UK.. don’t ask) was when the person who is my backup strolls in (late mind you) and immediately tells me how to do my job. I’m sorry, I was on break, I hadn’t even logged back into my computer before he asked me to work a certain case. Which by the freaking way, I would have seen as soon as I logged in. But it was the fact that he told me to take care of it, just urked me. And he has done this with others, I frankly wanted to tell him to frak off and do his own job. (Which by the way, there was no reason he couldn’t have taken care of the ticket himself. It took a total of 30 seconds to type 2 sentences and send it back to where it came from.)
That was about 9 am, and it put me into a foul mood till I got out of work at 12:30, which was 30 minutes later than my normal Fridays thanks to Monday having been a holiday.
I decided that it was going to be a day where if I stayed in the house, it would be a bad thing. Grabbed Mother of Mine and headed over to the mall to see a movie. Now, we normally do not go to the mall for movies, but I technically had errands on that side of town. (mostly, gas had been cheaper over there for the last few weeks. Of course because I was finally going to that station, it was now the same price as everwhere else.)
Mother of Mine and I puttered around the mall, and got ourselves some pretzels. Dealt with noisy kids, and a pain in my neck from walking around the mall. I was reminded why I don’t like to go to that theater. (Granted, I hadn’t been to that particular theater in quite possibly.. 10 years, but it hasn’t changed)

Then we saw it.
Yes, we saw Terminator Salvation.

Now, those who don’t know me, won’t know my feelings when it comes to all that is The Terminator.
I love the movies. I grew up watching them. I personally feel that the first one is a romance chick flick. Yes, yes I did just say that.
Why do I think this?
Mostly, I can give you 1 reason.
Kyle Reese.
“I came across time for you Sarah.”
Makes me melt every time.

Hmmm between Jareth from The Labyrinth, Kyle Reese from Terminator, James Bond, and James Fraser (Outlander books) it might explain why I have such a high standard for men lol.

Being a youngin’ that I was, I remember actively making the decision to watch T1 and T2 on the special Judgment day. Which, for those who don’t know, was August 1997.
Skynet came online August 4th, and Judgment day was actually August 29th.

I dislike the 3rd Terminator movie, because.. well it just didn’t feel right.
I have grouped it into the batch of movies I pretend don’t exist. Though, this one I will actually own, as I will have to have all the T movies.. most likely on Blue Ray someday. (Yes, technically my copies of T1 and T2 are still on VHS, and I’m not going to upgrade till after the move. – Hunny.. hint hint but wait till all 4 come out in whatever spiffy boxed set they’re going to do.. as you know they will. )

Now, moving on to Salvation.
Once again, I love Kyle Reese. This time he was not played by Michael Biehn, but instead is played by Anton Yelchin. (You’ll know him from many things, but most notably the new Star Trek Enterprise movie) Who I have recently gotten an extreme crush on. He is so adorable.
Marcus, played by Sam Worthington is a hot Aussie, and I kept catching his accent, when I’m sure not too many other people would. But yeah.. He’s hot. He did a good job in the role he had. I won’t go into details as that will spoil things.
Christian Bale played John Connor all grown up. Though he was limited by the existing lore of the character, and the actors who have played him previously.. I think he did an excellent job.

One thing that annoyed me in the movie, was the tapes that Sarah Connor made for John. I was sitting there in the theater thinking “how could they get someone else to do the tapes? Why didn’t they just use the recording of the original tapes from the first movie?? They got the freaking photo of her, why couldn’t they get the tapes?”
Well, my annoyance was that it didn’t sound like Linda Hamilton.
To my chagrin, it was Linda doing the tapes. She went uncredited in the part, but yes, it was in fact her. In my defense, it really sounds nothing like her. And Mother of Mine also did not think it was her. Linda has a very distinct voice to me, as I grew up listening to her in Terminator, Beauty and the Beast, and everything else she’s done. I always know it’s her. So I was completely shocked when her voice sounded so different.
Mayhaps I’ll just mentally chock it up to the tapes having been distorted in the 30 years since they had been made and thats why it didn’t sound like her. – That might be plausible enough lol.

There were many little homages in the movie that made me squee in geekdom. (For those who haven’t seen it… keep an eye out for a scene later in the movie involving John, a metal walk way, and a Terminator… it is very.. reminiscent of a very good scene from T2)
Arnie was in the movie, not as an actor, but just his likeness. And I think they did an AMAZING job.

On a different note, there was a scene that amused me. I couldn’t help but think of a scene from The Princess Bride, and the entire time I watched this scene I had Vizzini’s voice in my head saying “Those are the shrieking eels”. Again, for those who have not seen it, you’ll know which scene I’m talking about.

The movie made me jump many times. Which is slightly hard for a movie to do to me anymore, so this was quite fun.

All in all, GO SEE IT. It is very worth seeing on the big screen. I laughed, I cried, I jumped out of my seat.

Now moving along.

Yesterday I also received my 2nd package from the Vampire Club.
Whoohoo more Lucien yarn.

This month also included a cute little stitch marker.
I love the pattern by Gherkin, that is called Fangtasm. Unfortunately, it is 1) a sock, and 2) a toe up sock. Which until I get over my aversion to socks, this one is going to not get touched. And also I do not yet know how to do toe up socks- which is not nearly as simple as doing a regular sock. I did wish to learn how to do a toe up sock, but then my aversion happened.

Here are photos, and I apologize for the lack of photos previously (I can’t recall if I had posted them or not) as I didn’t get good photos last time.
Today, the light outside was gorgeous.

And now for an action shot with my lovely new swift. Ignore the chaos behind it, we are rearranging the house-mostly the front room, so it’s a mess.

I absolutely LOVE the swift. It took me 10 minutes to cake up a skein of yarn with it instead of the hour it had taken previously, and that was if I was lucky enough to not have it tangle into a horrible mess like Lucien did previously. (Seriously 8 hours minimum spent untangling it)

Oh, and on a completely random note… I just watched a cute movie. “The Student Prince” It was enjoyable. It had Rupert Penry-Jones (Known from Spooks, and Casanova) when he was verra young.

Okay, I guess I’m done rambling.

Bugs and Hisses.