This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

Sookie Stackhouse

The knitting crazies

So I had to take a break from the Doomsday Cardi. I was working on the sleeve for the … 3rd time?
I ended up with a weird hole in a spot that was gonna bug me, and then had another mistake so I just decided to frog the entire thing again.
I decided to take a break because I just couldn’t stand the thought of doing the sleeve again, and then start all over with the right sleeve. So I was going to attempt Two at a Time.
Now, I haven’t actually attempted this previously as I’ve been avoiding socks. I have no idea how this will be. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

To add to my craziness during the break I decided to pick up my Ishbel again. Not to jinx myself, but this time it’s going well. *knock on wood*

I’ve got 21 rows left till it’s done. Pictures to come soon hopefully.

I guess thats all for now. Trying to get back into the habit of blogging more often.


100th post, and huge news!

How very lucky am I that I have huge news, and it also happens to be my 100th post on this particular blog. (Meaning, since I jumped over from Myspace… I don’t miss it. I haven’t even logged into Myspace in most likely, 2 months)

Yesterday started something major for me.
You’ve seen it coming.

The Asylum for Wayward Yarn is now up and running. It’s a little bare at the moment. I’m working on logos and such like that.

I posted my first set of stitch markers.
A set of 4 Doctor Who “Pinstripe 10” themed gems. I already knew there was interest in them prior to posting them for sale. And guess what, they sold immediately. (didn’t get the confirmation until after I came into work, simply because I had to go to bed at my normal time, and I don’t have time to check my email before I come into work)
I had already had the package ready to go, it just needed the address, the postage, and the envelope to be sealed.
Mother of Mine has kindly added those last few pieces so that it will go out in the post today instead of tomorrow.

I am excited.

Here are the envelopes ready to go:

I had stopped off at Hobby Lobby on the way home and picked up some more fixings, also so as to pick up some envelope blanks, so that I could decorate them and of course get things shipped out.

Here are the fronts of the notecards:


New set of markers I made last night: and you can also see the inside of the notecards


Beth Turner, and some more Pinstripe 10

Tonight I must work on more of the skeins. If I get time, I will make more stitch markers, but first comes the skeins.
I still haven’t gotten my dye pot. I hope it arrives today.
The knitting is going slowly, as the past few nights I’ve been focusing on *ahem* other things.

The next set of stitch markers, shall be Mick St. John. I look forward to him.
I also plan on having in my shop a “Mix and Match” option, so that, say if people want some of Beth and some of Mick, they can have it.

Alright. Time for me to get cracking at work.

I’m just very excited.

Oh. Quicky book review:
Dead and Gone – Charlaine Harris
Finished last night. I can see why some people are starting to feel that CH is kind of loosing the steam when it comes to the Sookie verse.
I don’t quite know how to explain it. But whenever something major was happening, it reminded me of my first notes. It didn’t actually show much of the violence (thinking of a big scene towards the end). It was written in the “I didn’t think they would cut me. They did.” type style. That style was how I would do my quick shorthand notes. Not the finished product. I don’t know. I really don’t know how to describe it. I don’t know if I’m happy about what happened to a certain Vamp. Actually wait.. that really bugged me. This certain person had silver capped teeth. This person bit a vampire. That vampire was supposedly then poisoned. WTF? how would being bitten by silver be any different than having a silver chain cut into their flesh? Why then did they not get silver poisoning then? Totally a cop-out methinks. And also, CH forgot her own rules. Bill entered a house without permission (or no permission that we were aware of).

Alright I’m done for now as I really must get back to work.

Bugs and Hisses people.

Best laid plans..

Alright, so Mother of Mine and I had a plan. Friday was supposed to be a double header of our local AAA baseball team. Saturday was supposed to be opening day of Faire.

Well turns out there was a snafu with the tickets for baseball (basically someone got the wrong info. Not only was the game on Saturday, not Friday, but the tickets were also completely sold out, but there was the possibility of two tickets for us.)

We had decided that we could miss opening day of Faire.. as frankly.. it’s no big deal to me anymore. I don’t know about Mother of Mine, but I’m not rushing out to faire.

So Friday, we spent chilling at home waiting to find out if we’d have tickets for the game on Saturday.
Late that evening we found out that there were not any tickets.

No biggie.

Friday (I think… I can’t recall.. the weekend has blurred) I spent the day washing and rewinding my tragic Bamboo. Yes, this is that bamboo yarn from months ago that arrived damaged. Figured I should get it washed since I was going to have dye arriving soon.

Oh, Friday I also stopped at Home Depot and picked up the final supplies for my Yardage Meter, and a PVC Niddy Noddy.

Got it washed. Got it skeined into two very large skeins.

Saturday, I decided I was going to deskein it into mini skeins. And when I say mini.. I mean 450 yards as opposed to 2 skeins consisting of 1800 yards.

Well, everything is an experience, and one learns from those experiences.. Lets just say, I have learned a lot.

I made the mistake of thinking I corral the yarn, having it draped on my wooden staff, while I slowly pull the yarn, run it through the meter, and put it onto my swift.

Simple plan right?

BIG mistake.

Thankfully, it was the smaller skein of the two that I had been working with..
But yes, the half entire mess slid off the staff at one point and now is a pool of tangled bamboo yarn.
I spent all of Saturday night, including staying up past midnight working on untangling bits.

I also spent most of Sunday doing the same.

What do I have to show for over 10 hours of untangling? Oh.. about 300yards. Thats about it. And that poor skein has so many joins in it. Thank goodness I wasn’t planning on selling it.

Finally after giving up about 3:30 in the afternoon (seriously, after having worked on it since 8 am) I felt like I could fall asleep right then and there. I was so exhausted. I forgot to mention my back, neck and knees throughout this entire process were on fire. After dinner (about 4:30) I finally decided that I couldnt’ just give up for the night entirely. I had put away the tangled mess so that we weren’t tripping on it, but I took down the much larger skein. The one that I was originally afraid of tangling lol.
I put it on my swift.
I then slowly ran off 450 yards worth through my meter and onto my ball winder.

Took me about 15 minutes. And the reason it took that long, was because the skein was so big on the swift, I couldn’t just pull the yarn and make it move. I had to pull a section off slowly, and then run it through and cake it (put it on the winder). Then repeat the process.

I’m just going to cake up the entire amount, and then after that I’ll use my niddy noddy to skein it for dyeing.

And then.. then and only then will I go back to working on the other skein of tangled mess.

I have to admit.. Other than my back hurting to the point of tears… I am quite proud of myself when it comes to this fiasco.. I didn’t get frustrated, I didn’t scream and yell.. I just sat there with a zen like concentration untangling the mess and watching movies.
By the by.. on to movies.

The Unit season 3- very good season.. Sad that it was cut short due to the writers strike. But loved it.

Battlestar Galactica season 3- also a good season. I admit I was very confused by the first episode. But then everything started making sense.

Doom- Yup. Finally watched it. I needed a Karl Urban fix. It was a fun movie. Brought back memories, as I remember playing Doom when I was kid. It was the only video game that was at our friend Grace and David’s house.. so guess what I played? yup. I sucked at the game. But the movie was amusing.

Mulberry- a British show from.. well I have no idea when it was done. The music for the opening credits and the closing credits are HORRIBLE. But otherwise the show was amusing. It was about a mysterious man who was sent to deal wtih a horrible cranky old lady. turns out, he’s a grim reaper sent by death. The show was cute.

Primeval – I really liked this show. Not much to say about it other than I’d really love to have my own little Rex.

Umm.. I think thats it for now…

I’m flipping exhausted by the by.

Oh and I’m reading Dead and Gone the newest Sookie Stackhouse book. I am once again slightly sad that I do not have HBO as the new season of True Blood is starting. Well.. haven’t seen season 1 yet fully so it’s not a big deal but everyone loves to chat about it online. Sigh.

Okay, I guess it’s back to work for me. I’m less freaked out now by work than I was on Friday.

Bugs and Hisses

Twice cursed

Okay, lets just say that if I think of something to post, and don’t post it that day… I for the life of me cannot recall what I wanted to post. So yes, you all are missing out on some witty quips because I’m too exhausted when I get home to post them.

This one I remembered.

Yesterday Mother of Mine and I were twice cursed by the same curse.

Mother of Mine made Lemon Bars as a little while ago we mentioned them and then went “Ooooh that’d be really good right now, and we have all those lemons”

Well, as Mother of Mine puts it “The bottom was cooked too much and the middle lemony part was not cooked enough.” (We forgot to adjust anything for altitude, and I honestly don’t believe we’ve made Lemon bars while living in Colorado. Having a daughter who is allergic to citrus like that tends to not make them high on the list.)

They were still quite yummy, they just require a fork to eat them. And my craving for lemony goodness has now been sated for another 10 years. The remainder of the bars will go with Mother of Mine to her quilt guild thingie today so that they are out of the house.

Also yesterday when I got home, I had been craving cream cheese filling/frosting. Don’t ask why.. I just was. This was before I knew mom was making Lemon Bars.
But so I started whipping up a batch. It didn’t taste right. I didn’t do anything different than I ever do. (Mayhaps it was that I didn’t measure the powdered sugar??)
No.. it was the curse.

For those who don’t know… I am cursed. If I have a craving for something, it will inevitably taste… wrong. It does not matter if I make it, or go out and buy it. Or heck.. have it at a restaurant. If it’s something that I’m craving (and yes, it has to be a craving.. you know… the kind that just stay with you until you give in.. that kind of craving).. it will just not be right.
This is highly annoying for obvious reasons.

The frosting, I have decided I will make the other part of it’s original purpose, and that will be to make my chocolate chip cream cheese rolls. The frosting/filling, on my tongue tasted odd, will be just fine paired with the rolls it is originally meant for. Perhaps it was just my tastebuds being funny.

So this weekend, I shall dust off the bread machine and whip up some of the dough.

This week at work, (and yes I realize it’s only Wednesday) has been… well not off to a good start. Thanks to the pesky earthquake in California on Monday, over 700 email servers went down. That meant.. I was busy. Everyone whining that they don’t have their email.
We have finally caught up, but thats only because I worked my ass off and have already worked 241 billable tickets. Lets put this in perspective… Normally, I try to make sure I have 80 tickets… for the entire week. Anything above that is just gravy. So yes… I am exhausted.

At home:
I’ve been reading Absolute Sandman vol 3- don’t know how I feel about this one yet. It’s good.. but I don’t know about the story.. Delirium is not my favorite character… Neither is Despair.

Also been rereading Dead Until Dark. It’s amazing to remember how much I liked Bill at first.

Haven’t been knitting the last few nights because I’m just too tired to deal with it mentally.

Been watching some of McLeod’s Daughters (season 3) I really do need to go back and watch the earlier seasons, as I never ended up seeing them whilst my mom had them from the library. The show is good, and now I’m hooked. So back to the beginning it is for me. And by the way.. Season 3 is like… Sigh.. they were evil.

The heat is becoming an increasing issue. I can tell already that it will be a brutal summer, and my sleep is already becoming sporadic.

Okay, I guess I’ve rambled enough for now.

Bugs and Kisses people.

Vote on a name, Startrek, and knitting.

The eye is twitchy.
The body didn’t want to get out of bed.
The mind was having some odd NCIS/Top Gear cross over like dream. I do not recall the details, but lets just say it was odd.

I very much wanted to not acknowledge Monday’s existance, but unfortunately the universe and my conscious “adult” mind had other plans.

I have a little project on the needles right now. And I must say I am really not liking the Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn anymore. I absolutely am just being annoyed with the texture of the yarn. I don’t know how to describe it other than.. skuzzy. I will still finish the project I am working on though, as well… I want to be done with this yarn. And if I use it all up then I can just make sure I don’t buy it again. Well… if I absolutely need yarn and the only option is that, then yes.. I’ll buy it.. but I won’t necessarily like it.
The project is not for me, and I haven’t a clue how it’ll turn out. Honestly I’m winging it. Which.. once the project is complete, you’ll find that pun amusing.
This little project did though, teach me something quite useful which will allow me to go forth and do some other projects, so all in all it’s a good thing.

The amazing Cathie, who is a buddy of mine over on Ravelry was totally awesome and sent me one of her spare copies of “Dead Until Dark” woohoo. Now I get to start the entire series all over again without having to wait for the library. Once I’m done, this one will go on the stack of books I need to send to Guy in the next care package. She also sent me a cute little bookmark she made. It was an attempt at some lace, and it is quite pretty! It’s pink, but it happens to be the 1 shade of pink I like. All in all, I say this was a WIN. Cathie rocketh most verrily.

Oh.. So Friday Mother of Mine and I went to see StarTrek.
IT. Was. Freaking. Amazing.

Yes, yes it was. I highly enjoyed it. I want to see it again. (But I won’t until it’s on dvd, because I’m being “responsible”)
I won’t go into detail because I respect that not all my readers might have seen it yet. But just gotta say.. freaking.. awesome.
They cast the film brilliantly, and if they decide to keep the Star Trek saga alive with the younger cast.. I welcome it.
And Karl Urban was just perfect.. PERFECT as Bones.

Well alright, actually everyone was PERFECT. I would end up just listing the entire cast if I went that way, so I wont.

The rest of the weekend was spent pretty quietly.
I did laundry. Did a few other chores. Knitted.
Started watching:
NCIS season 3.
BattleStar Galactica 2.5
The State Within, Part 1 (well.. not part 1, but disc 1 of 2) – Which was really good. It’s a political thriller by the BBC, set here in the US. Specifically in D.C. and it’s all about a terrorist attack on the US by a British Muslim and how the British Ambassador in the US has to handle it. (played by Jason Issacs) It’s very good. A heck of a cast, and I can’t wait to see the second part.

Underworld – man I forgot how much I love that movie. Mom never saw it, and as Rise of the Lycans releases tomorrow on DVD (and netflix is sending it to me today), I gotta have her catch up.

Tonight we’ll watch Underworld Evolution

Okay, on to the knitty gritty. I need ya’lls help.

Please vote on this name:
Mathais Davenport

poll can be found on the right hand side.
I will explain the name later, but for now.. just need to know if ya’ll like it.

The things one hears in a bookstore..

So there I was, in Hooked on Books this morning, and this highly amused me.
I over heard this conversation:

Little Girl 1: “No, you have to go to mom’s corner to find her books”
Little Girl 2: “Mom has a corner?”

As the two young girls walk right past me into the very much “Romance” area of the store.
Little Girl 2: “Oh.” (in a very knowing way)

Moving along, today mom bought a Spinning Wheel.
Yup, we are once more the owners of a wheel. But this one, is not in need of repair, which means you can actually… spin on it.

After picking up the wheel, I dropped my mom off at her church so that she can work in the garden. Even though it is drizzly outside, they are determined to get the garden going again.

We were early, so we found Poor Richard’s. Which is a used bookstore in Downtown Co Springs (it was literally a block away, so that was fun)
Now, here are my thoughts on Poor Richard’s.
I’m quite undecided if I like it or not. It is the neatest, cleanest used bookstore I’ve ever seen.
It doesn’t look like a used bookstore at all.
You can find everything right away, and it’s attached to a coffee shop, and it’s also attached to a toy store, and has a lot of things for sale.
I honestly think it bugged me at how neat and organized it was. And it still didn’t feel like a used bookstore due to the high amount of duplicates of the books.

I had taken my copy of Breaking Dawn with me, because the plan had not been to go to Poor Richard’s but instead to Hooked on Books.
I had decided not to take my copy into Poor Richard’s because 1)I didn’t know if I would find anything I wanted to take home, and so I didn’t want credit at a store downtown instead of HoB which is closer. and 2)a woman was walking in with a copy of Breaking Dawn. So generally used bookstores don’t like multiple copies (this was before I went in and saw the many multiples.)

So when I was done dropping mom off, and we were done with Poor Richard’s, thats when I headed towards HoB. Sure, it took me wandering around for an hour to find all the books I wanted.. .but also it was only my second time there. It is organized in the classic Used books manner, which means cluttered and there is the chance of tripping over some books… But it just felt a little nicer.
As I was trying to actually use my Trade Credit, that is the reason it took me so long to actually get out of there. The books I tend to read tend to be the ones that you can’t use trade for.

The ones I ended up with was
Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris (book 2 of Sookie. So what that means, is I just need to find the first one and then I can send it to Guy without any guilt)
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown – haven’t read it yet, so finally decided to pick it up.
Hunter’s Moon by Lori Handeland – yes, it’s a trashy romance novel, but once I’m done I’ll take it back to the store for credit. And heck.. it’s werewolves and such. So it’s a fun trashy romance.

Still reading “White Witch, Black Curse” Kim Harrison

Just finished Supernatural season 3. Man I enjoy that show a lot. Damn now having to wait for season 4.

Started watching Ghost Whisperer season 1. Meh.. .it’s alright… I’m annoyed by the wardrobe choices made for Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’m sorry, but when you work in an antique store and actively moving boxes/gathering new merchandise…. you do not wear long flowy white dresses. So that bugs me. And my gods, it repeats so much dialogue it’s not even funny anymore. “I call them earth-bound spirits, those who cannot pass on”.

I am whilst having the house to myself, watching Smallville season 7. Oooh Bizzaro!

I finally figured out why this week I’ve been so cranky… My body decided that after nearly 6 months of not having a period it was time. (yeah yeah… I had been meaning to force one, but I just kept putting it off so I wouldn’t be cranky at work)
That would explain why my tailbone felt out of whack yesterday, and why I’ve been so very irritable. Also why my entire body is all achy. So today I’ll start my round of spacer pills and just go with what the universe and my body apparently wanted.

My backup is about to make my life a lot more stressful, as he has reached the breaking point with the politics at work. Basically, remember me this time last year, and you’ll understand where he is at. Though I moved past it and just have hit the apathetic state, he is in the angry state and is doing everything he can do to get a new job.
I do wish him luck, and I do hope that he finds something (I cannot begrudge anyone for not wanting to stay there… If I didn’t have the light at the end of the tunnel.. .I would have quit a long time ago)
But, it he goes.. that will mean I am loosing really the only real worker I have, and the sad fact is there is no one that I can replace him with. Quite literally, no one. Everyone else only works half days, or gets sent over to other desks. I do not have anyone who is trained for backlogs, that is always there. (And those who are not trained… well lets just say, there is no one up to snuff on even being able to do backlogs)

I’m almost done with my first sock. Woohoo. I’ve turned the heel and everything. I got very frustrated with the instructions for the heel, because it was wanting me to do something that is not physically possible.

There are times, were you just cannot fit 13 stitches, into a space where it only allows for 10. So that made me frustrated to the point where I had to hand it off to my mother.
I understand what the instructions wanted, but there was just no way that I could squeeze those stitches in there.
We’ll see how the second sock goes.

Well… I’m officially starving, and I think I’m going to be decadent and make french toast.

Later peoples.

Frogged and A Hot Fairy Tale

I do feel like such a slacker for not having written any of AHDB recently, but the stress of normal life, was making me unable to write as my cathartic release.
I’ve been knitting instead.

I started to teach myself how to do Cables, so that I could get a leg up on the Alexandra coat that I’ve been talking about for months.

I’m very, very glad that I decided to give it a go with normal yarn as opposed to my Lucien. (Which, I know has been dyed, but I have not received due to the “club” nature of it. I’ll get my first two skeins of it in the next few weeks)

I was banging my head against the wall trying to do the cable chart, and then I finally said screw it, and cast on the entire project, as if I’m doing it entirely.

Well, I discovered my first problem. I was counting the chart as 26 stitches, instead of the 25 it actually was. That was just my mind merging a symbol that looked like another symbol, hence getting 26 instead of 25.

But, once I got past that, I discovered other problems. I didn’t get 7 rows before I ran into this problem.
After frogging and putting it back on at least half a dozen times, I gave up and started poking about online.

Thats when I made a significant discovery. Everyone (minus one person) has had extreme problems with the pattern. There are many bugs in it, and entire parts missing from the instructions.

Woohoo. This means it’s not me messing it up! It means that it’s just a bad pattern.

Well, one of the girls I was chatting with, talked about picking up the project again and completely rewriting the pattern, but she hadn’t thought about that in forever (really not since she had put down the pattern in the first place)

But, me chatting with her reminded her how much she loved the sweater and how it looks, and thus is inspired to possibly pick it up again. If she does, she’ll send me the pattern. Which at this point, I’d trust her pattern over the original author any day. (The author put errata up on the pattern site, only after the girl I was chatting with pointed out the mistakes, and it doesn’t count all the mistakes)

I’m about to start Marissa’s project, as I picked up the last skein of yarn I needed today.

This, most definitely might count as the “neat thing” & holiday gift, as it is quite a well.. it’s a good project. I hope she’ll like it.

Everyone else is just getting a little small item.

I am also, starting a “Princess Bride Read-Knit-Along”
I’ve never read the Princess Bride.. I remember starting it in the 5th grade, but that was the day before school was ending, and I couldn’t borrow the book from my friend. So I read a total of 1 page before I had to give it back, and somehow it has managed to not make it in my reading pile all these years. So I have till June 21st to finish reading the book and knit something related to The Princess Bride.

I now have a copy of the book, as I finally checked out “Hooked on Books” which is not far from my house. I like it much more than The Book Rack. But still not as impressed. I guess I’m just spoiled thanks to The Bookworm (Boulder).

The version I have is amusing. I think it was a cover that was directed towards the adults rather than kids. It’s got artwork from like the 80’s. But the back… the back is amusing..

“What Happens-
When the most beautiful girl in the world marries the handsomest prince in the world and he turns out to be a son of a bitch?”

I also picked up:
Death Du Jour by Kathy Reitchs, it’s the next in the Bones books.
Shakespeare’s Landlord by Charlaine Harris, first in the Shakespeare series
Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris, 4th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series – mmm Eric. love him.
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, woohoo.. finally gonna get to read it.

I was able to justify buying the books, because I only spend 23$ for all the books, and they are all books I plan on sending to Guy to read during the summer break and books to get him through exam times etc.

We ended up going to the bead store, and I’m honestly surprised how much I got for as little as I spent. Mother of Mine had a 5$ gift certificate, so with buying a bead for her, I only ended up spending 3$ (and 1.60$ of that was the bead for her)

Oh, random knitting note (sorry, typing past my bed time.. what do you expect?)

Having figured out how to DO cables, I have now accomplished one of my two main goals for the year. The next is to tackle simple socks. Woohoo.

Mother of Mine and I hunted slightly for Easter dinner. Which I can’t recall if I’ve spoken of or not.

Now as you all know, I do not celebrate the christian holidays as I am not christian. But as Mother of Mine is connecting with her church and stuff like that, I am supportive of her. So I was sitting there thinking what we might want for Easter dinner, because she’ll want to have something nice.
And really, the only thing that came to my mind was “Hmmm.. Rabbit would be nice.”

Yes, I am that twisted.

Rabbit on Easter. bwhahahahaha

Unfortunately, the rabbit is not meant to be (this year). We left of inquiring about it till today, and the only kind we would be able to get would be whole (ugh) and frozen.

Nope, won’t work for this year.

Oh, random jump.. sorry again..
I finally found the damn buttons. Remember the quest for the buttons? I hadn’t gone to JoAnn’s. Honesty I just should have looked there first. Perfect purple buttons, and I’m slick enough that they are the perfect size. Again, they were 50% off. SWEEET.
They are even stitched on to the leg warmers. So, as soon as Mother of Mine finishes weaving in the ends (i did the buttons, but it was her knitting project) i’ll get to wear them, and will also post photos.
The purple was a grand choice and goes well with the blue. Woohoo!

Random: watching Alias season two.. and it is just always weird to see a Russian Cowboy bar and Russian cowboy songs it is not new, but it still amuses me (First time I ever saw it was of course James Bond, Goldeneye. But that was still in english)

Work: It was a rough beginning of the week just because things were changed and other things were in the spotlight. Nothing was my fault as I wasn’t there. But it was blown out of proportion due to it being something that really NEVER happens. It just happened to happen and it bit us. (Mostly, the only reason it happened at all, is because one of our agents screwed up in the first place. Then things just slipped)
So that lead to meetings, and more meetings, and more meetings. Which just made it an unbelievably tiresome and hectic week, and made me freak out about my job. I really do just need to remember to take a deep breath and remember that I am a good worker, and I do my job, and that I’m not one of the people they want to let go.
It didn’t help my mindset either to find out that another one of my Ravelry buddies ended up being let go this week as well. It was completely out of the blue, which is another reason everything that happened made me so freaked.

I should stop rambling about it. As I am rambling as I am quite tired.

Later peoples…

Oh, one last note:
Doctor Who season 4… FREAKING AWESOME!
We just finished watching it. And OH MY GODS.

I still don’t like Catherine Tate, but I do like Donna a bit more.

And everything else… just… wow.. wow wow wow wow.

Another random note:
I have an entire rant to post soon, but I’m too tired to try to rant about it now, and when I first went to rant about it, Blogger didn’t want to work on my work computer. So, I’ve got it sitting waiting for ranting.