This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

A Hard Day's Bite

Ramblings of the insane, and a few reviews.

Last night Mother of Mine and I watched Australia.

I must admit, that when I originally saw the trailers for it… I thought “hmmm looks like something I want to see.. but it looks like something I’d need to be in the mood for”

Which is why it hadn’t been watched until now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of Baz Luhrman. I do in fact own the Red Curtain Collection, and Strictly Ballroom has been one of my all time favorite movies.
I’m also a huge fan of Hugh Jackman. I mean, heck… I once recorded a PBS showing of Oklahoma! because he was in it. (I managed to somehow not watch it before I accidentally recorded over it, but you still get the point.)

Now, one of the reasons I was meh about watching it, was because I just have to be in a mood to watch one of her movies. I’m not saying she’s a bad actress… I’m just saying I tend to have to be in a mood.

But Australia finally came in last night at the library.

Now, the first thing I will say… is if the trailers had actually shown what most of the movie was about… I would have watched it a LONG time ago.

The trailers made it seem that the movie was ONLY about War coming to Australia.
And also, that it was because of the war that Lady Ashely (Nicole Kidman’s character) goes to Australia for.

Without giving away the movie.. I’ll say, that only about the last half to last quarter of the movie has anything to actually do with the war.

Ironically, I’m glad that I’ve watched McLeod’s Daughters a bit prior to watching Australia, because if I hadn’t… I think all the Droving, would have just made me think of City Slickers (you know… Billy Crystal). Which, though there were a few times I snorted thinking about that movie… I was glad my mind was flicking more back and forth between what was on the screen and the droving of McLeod’s Daughters. (Mostly, I was just thinking about the “Station House” and how something can in fact have been around for over 100 years, and doing the exact same thing as it was built for originally.)

The movie, very much had Baz’s signature flair. OR at least, the very beginning did. There was no doubt in my mind watching the first 30 minutes of the movie that this was in fact a Baz Luhrman film.

The music was very gorgeous, and of course I ended up going to bed having “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in my head. Which, if you see the movie, you’ll understand.

The cinematography was absolutely without a doubt breath takingly gorgeous. And they did such a great job with the Green Screen, that you can only tell it was employed in very few scenes. I don’t know how many it was actually used in, but there are some where you could tell. Which, there were obvious reasons for it.

Wicked’s vote: I’ll own this someday. (And thats saying something!)

Moving along…
I quickly read over the weekend, the latest book by Joanne Fluke.
Cream Puff Murder.

I have to admit, though this book was slightly annoying in the aspect that it was mostly centered around Hannah’s waistline and the need to loose a few pounds.
The person who died in this one… I, like others am very glad to see dead.
Mike, one of Hannah’s two boyfriends… I have decided I do not like. Originally, I used to be more Team Mike rather than Team Norman. I mean.. who wouldn’t want the hot police detective as opposed to the slightly normal looking dentist. Dentists have the highest rate of suicidal tendencies per year. Perhaps I’m the only who thinks about that in the grand scheme of things when it comes to choosing a partner.
Yes, Mike has more danger when it comes to his profession, but is less likely to kill himself when it comes down to it.

Right now, I’m definitely more in the Team Norman camp. I’d kill for his house. lol.

Almost through with Sandman Volume 3 by Neil Gaiman.
Started reading Summer Knight again by Jim Butcher. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it this time before it’s due back at the library or one of my other “gotta read this now because there is a waiting list a mile long” books comes in.
That means Sookie has been put down for the moment.

Oh, on completely random news. I got something really cool, and I don’t recall if I had talked about it yet or not.

Leslie over at Dv’yne Writes, has a contest every month for those who subscribe to her news letter. As I have known Leslie for years thanks to the Colorado Ren Faire… and I’ve owned at least one of her notebooks, and have lusted over many more of them.. I of course would be a subscriber to her latest news. I mean, I never would have known about her awesome leather covers for say.. Harry Potter, or the other books she has.. I mean amazing work.
Well, I happened to win this months free journal give away.
It arrived quickly, as well.. she lives only about 70 miles away from me. Ironically, the journal via the post office, would have traveled more than that, because though she lives in Littleton, I’m willing to bet it had to go to Denver (north), then back south to me.
I opened up the box, and was BLOWN away. I mean absolutely blown away by what I found.
I was expecting one of the little soft sided refillable notebooks.. (like the one I have) I mean, it’s one of the less expensive books she sells (which is why I have it. I mean I bought mine at least 10 years ago, and I could never afford any of the more expensive ones), and one generally figures that for a free give away, it would not be an expensive one.

Well, the journal I got was a 60$ slightly hardsided non refillable journal.

Sad news is that Leslie will not be at CRF anymore. She officially sold her booth, and is moving on to other things. I wish her luck though, and I don’t blame her for wanting to move along. CRF was not a money maker for her in the recent years (I know this due to having a friend who worked her booth for a few seasons) I’m sure she also has other reasons for moving along. She will be missed.

Moving along…

Yesterday.. or was it the day before? I got an idea into my head. This is always dangerous. As I should have been writing or knitting. Not painstakingly editing a photo so that I can maybe make it work in a chart, and then attempt to knit it up.

If this works, it will be FREAKING AWESOME.
If it doesn’t work… I will be once again reminded why I do not like socks. lol.

I won’t really say what I’m working on yet… but I will say this.. “Wuv… True Wuv”

Hmmm I wonder if this can count as part of my Read/Knit Along? I’ll have to see.

Alright. I guess I’m done rambling for now. I guess I should try to write.
Oh, and I must say.. .even though I put down Alex and her world of vamps… they are still talking in my head. Constantly.

Which recently has come up a lot it seems. Marissa commented on her blog, how writing is an acceptable form of schizophrenia. I agree with that statement. (Mind you, I was paraphrasing) It reminded me of the introduction in the first volume of “Comedity”, where Garth talks about his friend’s experience when it came to being a writer.
His friend had a high paying job (he delivered payroll in his own car, through nasty parts of town.. so he was really really well paid due to the danger involved). He quit his job to become a writer and work on his novel. Well, of course when Tax time came around, he went from reporting a lot of income to reporting 0 income for the year. He of course was audited. He went in sweating and freaking out, and having everything he could possibly have ready to explain his expenses for the last year, and when the taxman asked “so… why did you go from reporting _____ much, to reporting nothing”
Friend: “Well sir. I quit my job to write”
Taxman: “Oh.” *scribble and rubber stamp* “We’re done.”
Friend: “What?”
Taxman: “You are crazy. And this crazy is explainable. Have a good day.”

Apparently, per the IRS, writers are insane, as we will willingly go from having high paid careers (ha i wish) to having zero income for a year or more.

(Again, paraphrasing.. but the words crazy, and insane were actually used, and the convo was that short. I’m not willing to dig out my copy of Comedity right now as it is upstairs)

So not only are we schizophrenic, but we per the taxman are also insane.
This makes sense to me. As I remember sitting in my 2nd period class my Sophomore year of highschool working on a play I was writing.. my first one “Just an ordinary day… like no other”, and my friend Nikki (not the crazy Irish one, but slightly Hispanic one) asked me how I could write what I was writing. I mean, 70 pages of dialogue? She wanted to know where it came from. I couldn’t explain it other than “I just hear them talking.” And it’s true. It’s also the reason I only wrote plays for the longest time.. Because I could hear the voices, but I sucked at the “The color of the mountains at dawn reminded me of a glass of sherry held up to the light coming in from the window.” That kind of stuff.. I sucked at it back then. I wrote poems and plays. That was me.
I’m partly still sucky at it, I have to force myself to do description, and thats partly why I end up putting down somethings I’m working on. Actually, that is one of the reasons I had to put Alex down, Denver and it’s descriptions were kicking my ass lol. I digress..

Is it insanity, when I clearly hear entire conversations of people who do not exist? If I never put my pen to paper, and I only just spoke of the convos… would I have been forced to undergo meeting with psychiatrists? No, I don’t think so. Mostly because I come from a family where we tend to embrace our creativity in all it’s forms. (or at least we do now)
I was never a child who had “imaginary friends” or at least none that I remember. I don’t consider the voices I’ve always heard my imaginary friends. Though, these voices in my head tend to be best friends. So, I guess in fact they are the epitome of what one would call an imaginary friend.

Well.. I’m rambling.. so I guess I’ll leave it here. But yes, I guess I just confirmed what all of you have thought of me for years. I’m absolutely bonkers. 😉

I think the only thing that really drives me crazy, is not only do I have Alex, Daniel and Kit talking in my head right now, but I’ve got my people from my new novel chattering as well. It can get confusing at times lol.

Oh and the final note. My gods… homemade chocolate chip cream cheese rolls.. are just still so wonderful.. no matter how many times I make them.


Motivation in all it’s forms…

Alright, so right now I’m having odd motivations.

This morning, I was very motivated to sleep in. – I did not follow this motivation though.
Instead at 4:30am when my first (yes, first out of 4) alarm went off. I realized that the cat box very much needs to be done, and if I risked not doing it till I got home from work today, I quite possibly would want to strangle my cat for his.. ahem, misadventures and outright snippish attitude (meaning, I’d once again be cleaning up someplace other than his litter box.) So I hauled my ass out of bed, cleaned his cat box, and then promptly went back to bed. Odd motivation, non?
For the next 15-20 minutes, I was in a quasi state of sleep/awake. I thought about my writing and the motivations of it.
A Hard Day’s Bite has been officially put down for now. As I’ve quietly spoken about in recent posts, it needed to be changed. It just wasn’t gelling.
I no longer had motivation to write a story set in Denver.
I have motivation to write about a story set in London. But due to the setting change, a lot of the little things will have to change. This is not a bad thing, but it just means I have to think about things in a different way. I also need to do more research. I am okay with this. Mother of Mine was very supportive of the idea when I was pitching it to her with all my “hows and whys”.
When I move, pretty much I’ll be stuck with not much to do for the first 6 months. Yes, I have things that I can keep myself busy with. (I write this as if I won’t be going to school, because honestly… who knows if we’ll be able to afford me to not be working, and also be enrolled in school.)
I will possibly be trying to launch an Indy Dyeing business.
So, I am quite sure that I can and will always be able to find something to keep me occupied.
But, not working for 6 months, will also mean that I can:
1)Wander around London for hours upon hours “discovering / researching”
2)Spend a day with the police force learning their procedures.

This, excites me. This makes me look forward to writing again.

I was not able to really do either of those 2 things right now while living in CO, because it would generally require me to take off of work, which I just can’t afford right now.

As I am going to keep the main character (Alex for those who know her), American, it means I can still incorporate Colorado. And I can still have some bit of storyline set in Colorado. I am okay with this compromise. (By the by… she’s gonna be from Boulder, cause that just fits her.)

Another thing in my favor right now of switching the city, is that to my direct knowledge… I cannot recall any major Urban Paranormal Fantasy novels currently set in London.
Truth is, it’s all set in cities around America, and well… America is gettin’ rather full of the Vamps and wolfies. It seems like every city, weither it is a small town, or as large as gotham… they’ve all got the ones who go nibbly in the night.

So yes, I have currently put AHDB down for right now. I will not drop it entirely because I really feel good about this novel. But, I just am not at a point where I can do it justice. If you know me, I’m not one to really do things half assed. Wait.. let me clairify before Mother of Mine decides to chime in… If I care about something, I don’t do it half assed.

But, putting AHDB down, has allowed me to pick up my other novel. The one I refused to start writing on until I had finished AHDB. This one, does not require the same amount of research as it is not set in the modern world, nor is it set in a time period that I have to adhear to specific rules on. This one, allows me to play. Woohoo!

I’m not far into it, only about a paragraph or so. It’s a prologue really, and I’m quite happy with it.
Guy has read it, and promptly stated he wanted to read more. Which gives me confidence as always.

So this morning as I was half awake, and half asleep I was thinking on my new little novel. The main character is still nameless as of yet, but that will change. It’s just a matter of finding his right name.

Right now I am sitting at work, and I am quite unmotivated to be here.
Yesterday was not a fun day, because certain people have decided to not show respect.
I will not give a person respect if they do not give me respect.
Though, I will for now, keep my mouth shut and simply not speak to them unless absolutely necessary. I need this job for 14 months, and after that, well it will be a moot point. So, I’m determined to just smile on the outside and inwardly squish their heads every time I see them.

I am sleepy. I want to go home. I want to write, I want to knit.

Update on Mother of Mine:
We have determined that her fevers over the weekend were related to a tooth issue. (Well, we are hoping- because it’s not like she needs to be sick on top of the tooth issue)
Lets just say there was lots of pain, and just not being happy.
Yesterday we took her to the Er dentist, and shockingly it was not as painful on the wallet as we had been expecting.
For the most part, we figured we would need to just have the tooth pulled.
I’ve been down this road. The dentist will always try to sell you a root canal first.
But, that is at least 2300$ before even getting the crown put on.
The reason mom was in this much pain, was the crown she had broke off to begin with.

The tooth also we discovered had a big old crack in it. Hence all the pain.
My personal vote is and pretty much always will be right now (until I have money to get my teeth fixed) is to just pull it. You can always save to get an implant later. (or other dental item)
So, Mother of Mine got the tooth pulled.
She is also in the process of trying to get a Case by Case grant for dental work. And the dentist we went to is going to give a comprehensive list of everything she needs to get done (including the cost of getting a denture made.) so hopefully mom will get awarded the grant, and will be able to get her teeth fixed. The grant only goes to people in need, and my mom more than qualifies.

Moving along….
Knitting: I don’t have anything on the needles right now. Mayhaps I’ll actually finish my Wicked Verdigris… it’s just a few sewing stitches, I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet other than lack of motivation.

Oooh oooh Oooh!
My first batch of Lucien arrived. Woohoo! He is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot wait to start playing with him.
This very much means, that I will need to buy the pattern I plan on using, and then finding out the appropriate guage. I know I wasn’t planning on actually knitting up the waistcoat until I moved.. but he’s just sooo gorgeous. And the name of the project, has now changed from “Steamy Alexandra” to “Clockwork Lucien”

I have lots of photos that I need to take, and if I don’t loose the light today, then I will do that.
Must take photos of the Seaweed Shrug
Must take photos of Lucien
and I think there is something else I need to take a photo of.

I got another person for my Pay It Forward project, which makes me happy. As really I had been bummed that though I got people who thought it was neat, none of them actually paid it forward. And in the rules I said “maybe I’ll send you something even if you just comment” but really.. I want people to pay it forward if I’m actually going to make you something.

I guess I am done rambling for now.
Gotta get back to work (gee it only took me an hour on and off typing this while getting work done)

Later peoples!


(turn and face the strain)
Dont want to be a richer man
(turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I cant trace time

Come on, you all know you now have that song stuck in your head.

But, yes it rings true. I think I have finally given myself something serious to think about with the direction of my novel. It’s something that a lot of authors end up doing. You get a really great story, but somethings not working.. so gotta change. For some, it means putting the idea on the back burner for 10 years (a la Jacqueline Carey, and her new Santa Olivia), for others it can just be as simple as changing the hair color of a character.

For me, it shall be a bit of a drastic change. But one I’m willing to embrace.
I think part of the reason I hadn’t been able to write recently, was things were just feeling a bit off. My own fears about reality were creeping into my world too much.
Not to mention, one of the characters, just kept fading too much from my mind.
And yes, I consider the location a character as Denver, is quite the character unto it’s self. Well, Denver and I have not been friends for a while. I have not hung out with Denver for about 4 years, other than the occasional drive through, or quick trip to say hello.
And in my novel, the backdrop of Colorado, and Denver specifically was kind of important.
Certainly it will adjust a future novel. (I mean come on… it makes total sense that there would be werewolves in Boulder.. right?)

But I think the change I’m making will be for the better. I was getting too bogged down trying to remember things. I’ve been meaning to take a trip to Denver, and it just hasn’t happened, and all of this will only get worse after I move.

Then, here is the reality that kept trying to creep in.
If I were staying in the US, then as an author trying to pitch a story set in the city of Denver, wouldn’t be a big deal. I can sell internationally even though it’s a small US city (yes, Denver isn’t that small, but compared to NY.. it is.. see my point?). Look at LKH, and KH, and even the tiny towns like SM, and CH proved.

I won’t change my main character, she’ll still be who she is. But just the backdrop will change, it opens up more possibilities, and actually tackles a few of the little problems I was having. (just little stuff I doubt any of you would have thought about.)

It’ll be tough, because I won’t be able to experience some things first hand until things in life settle down. But I think I can make it work. I am a woman who knows how to use her resources, and also who knows how to do her research.

For once, the fact that me being too brain dead to write has been a bonus.

So, I’m hoping that this will be a good change. I’m confident that it will be. And it will allow me to feel more stable in the world I’m creating.

Lots of updates..

Alright, I realize I haven’t blogged in a little bit. Or at least it might feel that way to me.

Mostly I have been brain-dead thanks to work, as it has been busy (at least for me).

We had a Bear sighting at the doors of my work. Nope, I didn’t see the bear, but I do have a photo.

I finished one project, the Seaweed Shrug (still need to take photos of the finished product), and discovered that it being narrower than the pattern suggested, was not a bad thing, but just didn’t quite work for me.
So, it was given to Mother of Mine, who absolutely loved the color. (Don’t blame her, I love the color too)
So one of the Pay It Forward projects has now been completed and handed off. (no, I hadn’t planned the project for her, but it worked out.)

I am now using the last of the yarn from that project to work on the next Pay It Forward.

Marissa’s project (the only one I had a plan on) is on the back burner till I buy the last of the yarn. I thought I had it all, apparently I was wrong. Oh well, another trip to Jo-Anns.

I have started a new project, which my mother has already blogged about…
But yes, I have been sucked into the world of socks.
I have my first sock on the needles right now, and I have to admit I’m quite proud of it.

Currently, the only book I’m really reading is “White Witch, Black Curse” by Kim Harrison.
So far it’s not bugging me to much. Though honestly.. in a shocking reversal it’s Rachel’s whining that is annoying me, and Ivy is downright silent.

Nope. Nada. But I did have a kick ass scary dream last night that everyone is telling me I should use for a novel someday. So it is tucked away in my “future unknown novels” folder.

Just finished watching the first series of “A Touch of Frost”, what can I say, I enjoy British crime dramas. It was highly enjoyable, and for once felt very real. Most tv shows now a days make the mistake of having it be “1 episode, 1 crime” (unless it is an ensemble cast, then you get at least 2 crimes to solve), a real cops life, you have more than one case that you have to work. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a child abduction, or a hand found in the dirt. You have to work them both. So for me that made it quite enjoyable.

I also just finished watching season 1 of Pushing Daises.
Now, there was an irony to this.
We were eating fresh apple pie that Mother of Mine made, and of course as always knitting.
We pop in the episodes, not sure if we were going to watch past the first one.
There is pie… there is knitting.. there is dead people coming back to life.
Lets just say, we were absolutely hooked.
I’m sad to know that there is only one more season, but I’ll still watch it.

I finally bought a back brace. Just a 20$ one from walmart. I’m still undecided if it is helping. The reason for the unsure status is because all week long, even before I started wearing it, I would wake up in the morning with a stiff back. Then putting the brace on, on a stiff back meant my back never got a chance to relax before putting it on.
Yes, it makes me sit up straight at work, and at the end of the day I’m not so much in pain, but I am still in constant stiffness, and slight pain while at work (that’s nothing new)
So today, I am not wearing it. I will see how I feel at the end of the day.
Part of the factor, is I haven’t been sleeping well, Spring has finally Sprung, and my Dream Insomnia has started to kick in. Which might be why my back has been hurting me so much in the morning.

It’s been making me tired and cranky at work, which in my mind is not acceptable. I need to keep this job.
So yesterday when I went to Whole Foods to pick up something for dinner, I decided to get a little homeopathic remedy that is supposed to help with “Intellectual Fatigue or Overwork” which, describes me to a “t”. Basically, I’m taking Zincum Metallicum, which is supposed to help with 1) Mood, and 2) back pain (amongst other things)
So, hopefully I’ll get my irritability under check. Now, I’m supposed to take 5 of these little tic tacs (best way to describe them) 3 times a day. Nope, not going to do it. That’s the dose for a short term “ooh my back hurts” situation. Me, I’m in it for the long term. I took 2 of the little tic tacs today so far, and honestly.. yeah I’m tired… but I don’t feel crouchy.
My back is sore, of course like always, but I also lowered my chair in hopes of making a difference as well.

The truth is, right now I don’t care how much pain I’m in, as long as I keep my attitude in check. I can deal with the pain later as long as I can keep my job. The long term solutions, I can’t afford, so this is what I gotta do.

So here is everything I’m on:
Fish Oil – wow my skin is looking better and yeah I noticed a difference slightly in my back (skin is also being helped by Burts Bee’s Deep Pore Scrub.. love that stuff)

B-Complex – Stress formula – Yeah it’s helping, was able to stop taking Vit C by it’s self because this has it in it.

Zincum Metallicum – New, we’ll see how it does

Microgestin Fe- Yup, it’s Birth Control, which I don’t need right now.. But it’s keeping my hormones at a constant level as opposed to always in flux.

Jet Alert – yup, it’s caffeine pills, but only 200mg, once a day. Don’t look at me that way… you people who are addicted to your cups of coffee.

I bought tickets for Wicked for my birthday, yes.. I get to see Wicked again before I leave, and the show is actually ON my birthday. Katte Beth, Jenny (Jenna, but I’ll always call her Jenny), Curtis, Mother of Mine and myself shall go see the 3rd to last show whilst it is in town.
And that morning we girls are going to the Boulder Tea House for Brekkie/Brunch.
No excuse this time, since we will be driving to Denver rain/shine or snow… we are going to the tea house as well.

I’m excited.

Also, this Friday Mother of mine and I are getting a portrait taken of us.. for free thanks to our Real Estate company. Hmm I wonder if we’ll also get the free baseball game again this year, or if this is gonna be it for the “appreciation” stuff. If that’s the case.. man.. that’s kind of prejudiced against the men, as this gift was for “mothers day”.

I guess that’s all I got for now… I should get back to work…

Later people.

Frogged and A Hot Fairy Tale

I do feel like such a slacker for not having written any of AHDB recently, but the stress of normal life, was making me unable to write as my cathartic release.
I’ve been knitting instead.

I started to teach myself how to do Cables, so that I could get a leg up on the Alexandra coat that I’ve been talking about for months.

I’m very, very glad that I decided to give it a go with normal yarn as opposed to my Lucien. (Which, I know has been dyed, but I have not received due to the “club” nature of it. I’ll get my first two skeins of it in the next few weeks)

I was banging my head against the wall trying to do the cable chart, and then I finally said screw it, and cast on the entire project, as if I’m doing it entirely.

Well, I discovered my first problem. I was counting the chart as 26 stitches, instead of the 25 it actually was. That was just my mind merging a symbol that looked like another symbol, hence getting 26 instead of 25.

But, once I got past that, I discovered other problems. I didn’t get 7 rows before I ran into this problem.
After frogging and putting it back on at least half a dozen times, I gave up and started poking about online.

Thats when I made a significant discovery. Everyone (minus one person) has had extreme problems with the pattern. There are many bugs in it, and entire parts missing from the instructions.

Woohoo. This means it’s not me messing it up! It means that it’s just a bad pattern.

Well, one of the girls I was chatting with, talked about picking up the project again and completely rewriting the pattern, but she hadn’t thought about that in forever (really not since she had put down the pattern in the first place)

But, me chatting with her reminded her how much she loved the sweater and how it looks, and thus is inspired to possibly pick it up again. If she does, she’ll send me the pattern. Which at this point, I’d trust her pattern over the original author any day. (The author put errata up on the pattern site, only after the girl I was chatting with pointed out the mistakes, and it doesn’t count all the mistakes)

I’m about to start Marissa’s project, as I picked up the last skein of yarn I needed today.

This, most definitely might count as the “neat thing” & holiday gift, as it is quite a well.. it’s a good project. I hope she’ll like it.

Everyone else is just getting a little small item.

I am also, starting a “Princess Bride Read-Knit-Along”
I’ve never read the Princess Bride.. I remember starting it in the 5th grade, but that was the day before school was ending, and I couldn’t borrow the book from my friend. So I read a total of 1 page before I had to give it back, and somehow it has managed to not make it in my reading pile all these years. So I have till June 21st to finish reading the book and knit something related to The Princess Bride.

I now have a copy of the book, as I finally checked out “Hooked on Books” which is not far from my house. I like it much more than The Book Rack. But still not as impressed. I guess I’m just spoiled thanks to The Bookworm (Boulder).

The version I have is amusing. I think it was a cover that was directed towards the adults rather than kids. It’s got artwork from like the 80’s. But the back… the back is amusing..

“What Happens-
When the most beautiful girl in the world marries the handsomest prince in the world and he turns out to be a son of a bitch?”

I also picked up:
Death Du Jour by Kathy Reitchs, it’s the next in the Bones books.
Shakespeare’s Landlord by Charlaine Harris, first in the Shakespeare series
Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris, 4th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series – mmm Eric. love him.
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, woohoo.. finally gonna get to read it.

I was able to justify buying the books, because I only spend 23$ for all the books, and they are all books I plan on sending to Guy to read during the summer break and books to get him through exam times etc.

We ended up going to the bead store, and I’m honestly surprised how much I got for as little as I spent. Mother of Mine had a 5$ gift certificate, so with buying a bead for her, I only ended up spending 3$ (and 1.60$ of that was the bead for her)

Oh, random knitting note (sorry, typing past my bed time.. what do you expect?)

Having figured out how to DO cables, I have now accomplished one of my two main goals for the year. The next is to tackle simple socks. Woohoo.

Mother of Mine and I hunted slightly for Easter dinner. Which I can’t recall if I’ve spoken of or not.

Now as you all know, I do not celebrate the christian holidays as I am not christian. But as Mother of Mine is connecting with her church and stuff like that, I am supportive of her. So I was sitting there thinking what we might want for Easter dinner, because she’ll want to have something nice.
And really, the only thing that came to my mind was “Hmmm.. Rabbit would be nice.”

Yes, I am that twisted.

Rabbit on Easter. bwhahahahaha

Unfortunately, the rabbit is not meant to be (this year). We left of inquiring about it till today, and the only kind we would be able to get would be whole (ugh) and frozen.

Nope, won’t work for this year.

Oh, random jump.. sorry again..
I finally found the damn buttons. Remember the quest for the buttons? I hadn’t gone to JoAnn’s. Honesty I just should have looked there first. Perfect purple buttons, and I’m slick enough that they are the perfect size. Again, they were 50% off. SWEEET.
They are even stitched on to the leg warmers. So, as soon as Mother of Mine finishes weaving in the ends (i did the buttons, but it was her knitting project) i’ll get to wear them, and will also post photos.
The purple was a grand choice and goes well with the blue. Woohoo!

Random: watching Alias season two.. and it is just always weird to see a Russian Cowboy bar and Russian cowboy songs it is not new, but it still amuses me (First time I ever saw it was of course James Bond, Goldeneye. But that was still in english)

Work: It was a rough beginning of the week just because things were changed and other things were in the spotlight. Nothing was my fault as I wasn’t there. But it was blown out of proportion due to it being something that really NEVER happens. It just happened to happen and it bit us. (Mostly, the only reason it happened at all, is because one of our agents screwed up in the first place. Then things just slipped)
So that lead to meetings, and more meetings, and more meetings. Which just made it an unbelievably tiresome and hectic week, and made me freak out about my job. I really do just need to remember to take a deep breath and remember that I am a good worker, and I do my job, and that I’m not one of the people they want to let go.
It didn’t help my mindset either to find out that another one of my Ravelry buddies ended up being let go this week as well. It was completely out of the blue, which is another reason everything that happened made me so freaked.

I should stop rambling about it. As I am rambling as I am quite tired.

Later peoples…

Oh, one last note:
Doctor Who season 4… FREAKING AWESOME!
We just finished watching it. And OH MY GODS.

I still don’t like Catherine Tate, but I do like Donna a bit more.

And everything else… just… wow.. wow wow wow wow.

Another random note:
I have an entire rant to post soon, but I’m too tired to try to rant about it now, and when I first went to rant about it, Blogger didn’t want to work on my work computer. So, I’ve got it sitting waiting for ranting.

Boring Tuesday..

I must say…

I am annoyed with Blogger. Le sigh. Mostly i am annoyed with not being able to respond to comments the proper way.

Mayhaps I’ll have to slowly change things over to WordPress as it has that option.

But don’t worry my dear readers, I shant do anything crazy yet.

I might just suffer through blogger for the next 15 months, and then when i move to the UK, and Guy and I have made our own server and websites, I’ll have my blog just how I want it and won’t have to rely on silly little programs such as this one.

yeah mayhaps that is just the way to go for now.

I feel slightly bad, as when i bought my Flying Monkeys and they arrived, I was highly disappointed. Instead of emailing the person to inform them that the description was wrong, and that I had wanted Lobster Clasps. I simply stated in the feedback I left that the description was incorrect for the objects. Now, I did not leave neutral or negative feedback. I clicked that Positive button, because they did arrive quickly, and the transaction was painless. I just commented in my post of “i love them but.. “
Well, she emailed me today apologizing. So now I feel bad. Gee I’m glad I didn’t hit that negative button.
But when it comes down to it, she should have checked her descriptions, since ALL her items that are stitch markers say that. Oh well, I still plan on buying more, and I’ll just leave a glowing feedback on the next one.

Still plunking through Bride of Casa Dracula.

Here is a prediction: she’s about to introduce werewolves.

Lets see if I’m right.

I did not get anything done on my vest last night. I just had no motivation. I’m in that final stretch. Tonight after I shower and feel more awake, I’ll put it on. Check the pinning, then stitch it up and be done with it. Woohoo.
I do want to do it again, but out of different yarn, and I’ve learned a few things while doing this one. I know I need to lengthen the base without adding to the width.

A Hard Day’s Bite: Been mulling a few things, but haven’t made any decisions. I don’t want to lean towards falling into the same lines as Charlaine Harris or Kim Harrison, or LKH for that matter. If you don’t know what I’m talking about its the “Oh my god. She wrote about this. She’s copying them!” Charlaine recently wrote a blog about that circumstance. Someone made the comment of “Charlaine added motorcycle gangs into her story! She’s copying LKH.”
Well…. people get over it. It’s kind of hard to not incorporate things that are actually quite common in real life. Such as motor cycle groups. I have friends that are part of different motorcycle groups here in Colorado. Am I going to ignore a good plot because *gasp* it might involve a motorcycle?Also, it makes sense in the fact that Vamps and Werewolves tend to be part of the subculture. And what do you find in the sub culture? Gangs, adrenaline, and danger. No. Now, mind you I have nothing penned in that regard, but I’m using it as an example. Same goes for politics. Which is really what the whining was about. Yes, Sookie’s world has gotten very Vampire Political, just like Antia’s world.
But if your going to whine about that… well… Anne Rice kinda got the ball rolling on that. Remember The Theater of Vamps? Well, that was basically the start of the vampire political structure. Armand was in charge.

I’m rambling. Lets move on.
Cold snap here in Colorado? It’s been freaking cold the past two days. Thank goodness I hadn’t removed my heating blanket yet. Cause I’d never get to sleep otherwise.

It’s a boring Tuesday thus far. Just sayin’ .

Defying Gravity…

So just to make this even more themed…

Yes, I am going to Wicked in October. Wooohoooo! I can’t wait.

now on to my Wicked Verdigris.

I am completely finished with section A and B. (Which are exactly the same)They are currently getting some light blocking done. Meaning they were made damp, and currently are pinned to the carpet to “form” them into the proper shapes.
I’m proud of myself, as my tension was pretty darn good and so they really don’t need much blocking at all. Woohoo.

I am skipping ahead though, because your supposed to wait till it’s all done to block and then put the pieces together.
But as I am modifying section C, I want to put section A and b together so that i can put it on, and see exactly how long i need and or want to make section C. The difference can be at least 40 rows of stitching, so I’d rather just try it out first then end up having to rip stitches out.

Last night I cast on section C (meaning I started it. for all you non knitting readers), and I got about 20 rows done before bedtime. Mind you, that was less than an hours worth of work on a very boring part. You know the boring parts I mentioned on the other sections? Well this entire section is that boring part 200 to 240 (or something like that) rows of nothing but garter stitch. BORING. gotta put it down every few rows.

On the reading front:
Currently reading The Bride of Casa Dracula. I’m about 50 pages in, and the entire time I’ve been debating it if I want to actually read it. But it’s slightly a compulsion. Sigh. it’s just… I don’t know. Once again there is the whole “i dress like a slut, but why does think i’m a slut?!” aspect. Honestly. A plastic white mini skirt at least a size too small????
At least it hasn’t dived into the “oh everyone hates me because i’m hispanic” aspect of it yet. And I say yet, as it will be inevitable.

I guess I read these books as reminders to myself of what I don’t want to write like.

On the writing front:
Nope. nothing new. Sigh. Don’t have time right now. but I got ideas percolating, and I’m still running high off the new chapters. woohoo for that.

On a random note:
So some of you have been hearing me whine for a while now (most likely in the previous blog on myspace) about how I want to get back into playing the piano.
Well, there was that bruahaha with a certain individual whom I was going to borrow a piano from.

Weeeeeeel… the person who was kindly storing the piano for the bitch in question has also had not fun times with bitch in question, and has decided to let me use the piano. When bitch in question asks for it back, they’ll get it back obviously, but for now it’s out of my friends house, and soon I shall actually have it set up and shall be reminding myself how horrible I am at playing piano.

Though, as I just discovered, there are some things one never forgets. My right hand has full muscle memory of the right hand intro for Tarantella. Woohoo. Ironically, it was that piece of music which facilitated my abrupt stop of playing music when I was a kid.

Tarantella was the piece I had to learn to move onto the next level. I informed my teacher I didn’t want to compete. She didn’t want to teach me anymore. And I was terrified of Tarantella because it was so beyond my skill. So it’s the last piece I really “learned” and after at least 15 years, my right hand still knows how to play it. the left hand.. has half the memory, but it was confused the last time I attempted to play it.

On the work front:
Busy busy busy. They are messing with us greatly. Which is making more work for me. Which sucketh. To the point where my eye twitches when i’m at work. Almost non stop. I can’t stand it.

The only thing that keeps me going is my constant mantra of “15 months, 15 months”

Speaking of that… Today is once again the monthly anniversary of meself and Guy. By the old counting system.. we have 1.39 years left.
The new counting system.. 15 months and a week and a half.

On the Vampire yarn front:
Poll ends tonight. But there might be some last minute changes. Such as I might only have 1 yarn to pick when it comes down to it.
As I said there is issue with the whole dying thing.
And now there is an issue with the whole Weight of yarn thing.

Jen is sending me one of her leftover balls of yarn, out of her “Silk Sock”, which I can’t remember the content right now but I think it’s like 80% silk, 20% wool.. I think i can’t recall. Which I might be able to stand, but she can only get it in whats known as Fingering Weight. Which is a lot lighter than the DK that I need to do the project in. So I have to do the math and figure out how much more I’m going to need so as to be 100% sure I have enough for the Alexandra. So I might need 9 skeins of the Lucien just to be on the safe side. And, that means with the 2 yummy Michael Corvins, that will leave only 1 spot open for a random color.

I will of course let ya’ll know how it plays out. But I won’t know till later.