This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

I give up.

Universe, you win.

My writing time is very limited right now. Meaning, I have approximately 4 days of uninterrupted writing. After that, who knows when I’ll get to write. As someone will be home, or I’ll be too brain dead from work.

Right now, during 2 of those days (yes, one of them was yesterday) someone has always managed to piss me off to the 10th degree to the point where I cannot write anymore.

That means, I’m giving up. I will not finish this in those 3 days I have left.

So.. You win universe. I am not going to bother working on this novella until after the move.

That is now 3 pieces of work put on the backburner.

Starting next week, all hell breaks loose at work. I’ll be doing everything I can to not have a nervous breakdown, and or get fired. This period of hell will last about 5 weeks, and then hopefully start tapering off.
The week after next I have to order yarn for the goddamn wedding sweater that I’ve decided to knit so that I look freaking half way decent in the goddamn photos. (Thats a freaking joke.) Which, I’ll have to have finished by December.. DECEMBER. Again.. what a freaking joke.

I’m done. My back hurts, my head hurts, and I want to cry. Universe, you win.


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