This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

Ramblings and Poor Customer service: Part 2

Alright. I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now. But at this point, I couldn’t care really, as I still stand by my first impression of the company.

I did finally get my answer.

It took 2 more emails after the ones you have already seen in the previous post.

Apparently he completely didn’t realize (in the 4 emails, where I mentioned it) that I was in the US. What a freaking moron.

So I finally got the prices, and the answer.
No, I do not need to have a wholesale license, only a wholesale amount to be purchased on the first purchase.
As the wholesale amount is a tad high for my budget while living in the US, I will not venture down that avenue at this time.

Now, as far as the British company whom the Idiot over at Crystal Palace Yarns kept foisting me to…
Well, their response was short and basically said “yes you need a license but we will not talk to you about anything until you are here in the UK and are official.” (paraphrasing, but that captured the tone and the gist of the email.)

Mother of Mine is being helpful in speaking with the LYS (Local Yarn Shop for those who aren’t in the know) about getting the yarn from them as they do business with the main company in question and “understand completely what I’m trying to accomplish.”
This could be quite beneficial actually, because if I do get my non wool yarn from them, and they like my colorways.. we might be able to come to some arrangement about them having them in their shop. – Ha no pressure on me to make some freaking awesome colors. It will of course make me have to change some of the names a bit more, as I don’t think I could get away with some of the Pop Culture TV references… *shrugs* Who knows. As long as I don’t get sued, I don’t much care. (Already have started coming up with Alternate names for the Disney inspired colorways- eeep! did I give away a little secret there? *shifty eyes* No.. never… *whistles innocently* )

But all of this is dependent on talking with “Mom” over at the shop. (Mother of Mine had discussed it with the Daughter of the shop.)

I admit that I’m starting to get rather nervous about my ability to create what I see in my head. It’s a very artistic process, and does very much have the potential to just turn out horribly. There are also so many different methods that my head is spinning. I think I have decided as of right now, I’m gonna go with the first way I had decided I was going to dye the yarn.

Meaning, my method will be mostly “immersion” dyeing, and not the sprinkle kettle method.

And for further clarification, that means I’ll be making a dye bath of the color, and then putting my yarn in. Not putting my yarn in and sprinkling the color on the yarn. I’m not adventurous yet enough to do that method, also I want to see how this dye is going to work. not to many dyers have used this dye (at least not that I have found), so it is a bit of foreign territory for me.

One of the reason I’m getting nervous, is that my new pot and next set of dye shall be arriving either today or tomorrow.
I will most likely wait until the weekend to dye though, as I will have the house to myself (well, I would have done it on the weekend no matter if Mother of Mine was home or not) and because I have a feeling I’ll just be exhausted this week.

I still need to cake off the last bit of yarn.
I still need to cut my niddy noddy down – i’m not happy with how “long” my skeins were, so I need to shorten the length of the center bar. (they wouldn’t fit on my swift… which means that will be inconvient for anyone else, and might result in tangled mess- like mine did.)
I still need to then skein my cakes (using the niddy noddy)

Also, Thursday I’ll be driving to Denver to 1) Drop Mother of Mine off in Boulder, and 2) Go see Jacqueline Carey for a book signing. Woohoo. So yeah.. not able to dye that night.

Then I’ll be able to start dyeing.

Time for me get back to work.

Bugs and Hisses


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