This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

The love of Terminator. And cuddly werewolves.

Alright. So, yesterday I was cranky. So very cranky that I couldn’t wait to get out of work. I think what started the crankiness (Other than dealing with crappy internet services in the UK.. don’t ask) was when the person who is my backup strolls in (late mind you) and immediately tells me how to do my job. I’m sorry, I was on break, I hadn’t even logged back into my computer before he asked me to work a certain case. Which by the freaking way, I would have seen as soon as I logged in. But it was the fact that he told me to take care of it, just urked me. And he has done this with others, I frankly wanted to tell him to frak off and do his own job. (Which by the way, there was no reason he couldn’t have taken care of the ticket himself. It took a total of 30 seconds to type 2 sentences and send it back to where it came from.)
That was about 9 am, and it put me into a foul mood till I got out of work at 12:30, which was 30 minutes later than my normal Fridays thanks to Monday having been a holiday.
I decided that it was going to be a day where if I stayed in the house, it would be a bad thing. Grabbed Mother of Mine and headed over to the mall to see a movie. Now, we normally do not go to the mall for movies, but I technically had errands on that side of town. (mostly, gas had been cheaper over there for the last few weeks. Of course because I was finally going to that station, it was now the same price as everwhere else.)
Mother of Mine and I puttered around the mall, and got ourselves some pretzels. Dealt with noisy kids, and a pain in my neck from walking around the mall. I was reminded why I don’t like to go to that theater. (Granted, I hadn’t been to that particular theater in quite possibly.. 10 years, but it hasn’t changed)

Then we saw it.
Yes, we saw Terminator Salvation.

Now, those who don’t know me, won’t know my feelings when it comes to all that is The Terminator.
I love the movies. I grew up watching them. I personally feel that the first one is a romance chick flick. Yes, yes I did just say that.
Why do I think this?
Mostly, I can give you 1 reason.
Kyle Reese.
“I came across time for you Sarah.”
Makes me melt every time.

Hmmm between Jareth from The Labyrinth, Kyle Reese from Terminator, James Bond, and James Fraser (Outlander books) it might explain why I have such a high standard for men lol.

Being a youngin’ that I was, I remember actively making the decision to watch T1 and T2 on the special Judgment day. Which, for those who don’t know, was August 1997.
Skynet came online August 4th, and Judgment day was actually August 29th.

I dislike the 3rd Terminator movie, because.. well it just didn’t feel right.
I have grouped it into the batch of movies I pretend don’t exist. Though, this one I will actually own, as I will have to have all the T movies.. most likely on Blue Ray someday. (Yes, technically my copies of T1 and T2 are still on VHS, and I’m not going to upgrade till after the move. – Hunny.. hint hint but wait till all 4 come out in whatever spiffy boxed set they’re going to do.. as you know they will. )

Now, moving on to Salvation.
Once again, I love Kyle Reese. This time he was not played by Michael Biehn, but instead is played by Anton Yelchin. (You’ll know him from many things, but most notably the new Star Trek Enterprise movie) Who I have recently gotten an extreme crush on. He is so adorable.
Marcus, played by Sam Worthington is a hot Aussie, and I kept catching his accent, when I’m sure not too many other people would. But yeah.. He’s hot. He did a good job in the role he had. I won’t go into details as that will spoil things.
Christian Bale played John Connor all grown up. Though he was limited by the existing lore of the character, and the actors who have played him previously.. I think he did an excellent job.

One thing that annoyed me in the movie, was the tapes that Sarah Connor made for John. I was sitting there in the theater thinking “how could they get someone else to do the tapes? Why didn’t they just use the recording of the original tapes from the first movie?? They got the freaking photo of her, why couldn’t they get the tapes?”
Well, my annoyance was that it didn’t sound like Linda Hamilton.
To my chagrin, it was Linda doing the tapes. She went uncredited in the part, but yes, it was in fact her. In my defense, it really sounds nothing like her. And Mother of Mine also did not think it was her. Linda has a very distinct voice to me, as I grew up listening to her in Terminator, Beauty and the Beast, and everything else she’s done. I always know it’s her. So I was completely shocked when her voice sounded so different.
Mayhaps I’ll just mentally chock it up to the tapes having been distorted in the 30 years since they had been made and thats why it didn’t sound like her. – That might be plausible enough lol.

There were many little homages in the movie that made me squee in geekdom. (For those who haven’t seen it… keep an eye out for a scene later in the movie involving John, a metal walk way, and a Terminator… it is very.. reminiscent of a very good scene from T2)
Arnie was in the movie, not as an actor, but just his likeness. And I think they did an AMAZING job.

On a different note, there was a scene that amused me. I couldn’t help but think of a scene from The Princess Bride, and the entire time I watched this scene I had Vizzini’s voice in my head saying “Those are the shrieking eels”. Again, for those who have not seen it, you’ll know which scene I’m talking about.

The movie made me jump many times. Which is slightly hard for a movie to do to me anymore, so this was quite fun.

All in all, GO SEE IT. It is very worth seeing on the big screen. I laughed, I cried, I jumped out of my seat.

Now moving along.

Yesterday I also received my 2nd package from the Vampire Club.
Whoohoo more Lucien yarn.

This month also included a cute little stitch marker.
I love the pattern by Gherkin, that is called Fangtasm. Unfortunately, it is 1) a sock, and 2) a toe up sock. Which until I get over my aversion to socks, this one is going to not get touched. And also I do not yet know how to do toe up socks- which is not nearly as simple as doing a regular sock. I did wish to learn how to do a toe up sock, but then my aversion happened.

Here are photos, and I apologize for the lack of photos previously (I can’t recall if I had posted them or not) as I didn’t get good photos last time.
Today, the light outside was gorgeous.

And now for an action shot with my lovely new swift. Ignore the chaos behind it, we are rearranging the house-mostly the front room, so it’s a mess.

I absolutely LOVE the swift. It took me 10 minutes to cake up a skein of yarn with it instead of the hour it had taken previously, and that was if I was lucky enough to not have it tangle into a horrible mess like Lucien did previously. (Seriously 8 hours minimum spent untangling it)

Oh, and on a completely random note… I just watched a cute movie. “The Student Prince” It was enjoyable. It had Rupert Penry-Jones (Known from Spooks, and Casanova) when he was verra young.

Okay, I guess I’m done rambling.

Bugs and Hisses.


3 responses

  1. Marissa

    Yeah, Jamie sort of ruined me for all other men. As did Weslley and Johnny Castle.Not only do I have high standards, but I really like them fanged too.Most therapists would say I have ‘issues’.

    May 30, 2009 at 11:05 pm

  2. Leslie

    All that you said about the movie.Sigh, JAMIE, really, really big sigh….Blair House in the background of the Swift pix, how kewl is that…

    May 31, 2009 at 12:36 am

  3. spud's bud

    T-4 was great.I liked how they showed so many different machines.he whole movie was just larger then life.Got some good rains and sun over the past few days so garden is doing good

    May 31, 2009 at 2:49 pm

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