This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

Twice cursed

Okay, lets just say that if I think of something to post, and don’t post it that day… I for the life of me cannot recall what I wanted to post. So yes, you all are missing out on some witty quips because I’m too exhausted when I get home to post them.

This one I remembered.

Yesterday Mother of Mine and I were twice cursed by the same curse.

Mother of Mine made Lemon Bars as a little while ago we mentioned them and then went “Ooooh that’d be really good right now, and we have all those lemons”

Well, as Mother of Mine puts it “The bottom was cooked too much and the middle lemony part was not cooked enough.” (We forgot to adjust anything for altitude, and I honestly don’t believe we’ve made Lemon bars while living in Colorado. Having a daughter who is allergic to citrus like that tends to not make them high on the list.)

They were still quite yummy, they just require a fork to eat them. And my craving for lemony goodness has now been sated for another 10 years. The remainder of the bars will go with Mother of Mine to her quilt guild thingie today so that they are out of the house.

Also yesterday when I got home, I had been craving cream cheese filling/frosting. Don’t ask why.. I just was. This was before I knew mom was making Lemon Bars.
But so I started whipping up a batch. It didn’t taste right. I didn’t do anything different than I ever do. (Mayhaps it was that I didn’t measure the powdered sugar??)
No.. it was the curse.

For those who don’t know… I am cursed. If I have a craving for something, it will inevitably taste… wrong. It does not matter if I make it, or go out and buy it. Or heck.. have it at a restaurant. If it’s something that I’m craving (and yes, it has to be a craving.. you know… the kind that just stay with you until you give in.. that kind of craving).. it will just not be right.
This is highly annoying for obvious reasons.

The frosting, I have decided I will make the other part of it’s original purpose, and that will be to make my chocolate chip cream cheese rolls. The frosting/filling, on my tongue tasted odd, will be just fine paired with the rolls it is originally meant for. Perhaps it was just my tastebuds being funny.

So this weekend, I shall dust off the bread machine and whip up some of the dough.

This week at work, (and yes I realize it’s only Wednesday) has been… well not off to a good start. Thanks to the pesky earthquake in California on Monday, over 700 email servers went down. That meant.. I was busy. Everyone whining that they don’t have their email.
We have finally caught up, but thats only because I worked my ass off and have already worked 241 billable tickets. Lets put this in perspective… Normally, I try to make sure I have 80 tickets… for the entire week. Anything above that is just gravy. So yes… I am exhausted.

At home:
I’ve been reading Absolute Sandman vol 3- don’t know how I feel about this one yet. It’s good.. but I don’t know about the story.. Delirium is not my favorite character… Neither is Despair.

Also been rereading Dead Until Dark. It’s amazing to remember how much I liked Bill at first.

Haven’t been knitting the last few nights because I’m just too tired to deal with it mentally.

Been watching some of McLeod’s Daughters (season 3) I really do need to go back and watch the earlier seasons, as I never ended up seeing them whilst my mom had them from the library. The show is good, and now I’m hooked. So back to the beginning it is for me. And by the way.. Season 3 is like… Sigh.. they were evil.

The heat is becoming an increasing issue. I can tell already that it will be a brutal summer, and my sleep is already becoming sporadic.

Okay, I guess I’ve rambled enough for now.

Bugs and Kisses people.


One response

  1. Marissa

    No, no bugs! Me no like bugs.Give me vampires.

    May 20, 2009 at 8:23 pm

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