This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

White Witch, Black Curse and Twilight

Alright, I finally finished White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison

I gotta say WOW. For once I wasn’t absolutely annoyed to death by Ivy. Rachel was a little whiny for my tastes, but it’s alright.

Trent is being a baby, but that is natural. I missed not seeing Ceri.
Jenks is killing me with how old he is getting, and how much he is pushing the limits with the cold.
I’m really glad I had read both of the short stories prior to reading this one. I have to admit it slightly bothers me when authors use short stories for later major plot points. At least KH didn’t make the mistake CH did and not even mention the short story at all until too many people complained that they were confused.

I still miss Kisten damnit. And I don’t know how I feel about Pierce.

Al once again is a great demon.

And it just might be me, and having read the books to quickly and too long ago now.. but I swear I didn’t know that Glenn was black. o.O (I mean I’m not saying its a big deal that he’s of color, i just didn’t have a clue and didn’t remember reading it in the previous books so it just seemed out of left field. I’m sure it was just me reading the books to quickly and glossing over it, and not that KH messed up like JK Rowling (Blaise was a white Italian boy up until the later books, then suddenly he was black- and it wasn’t just me who noticed it.))

I guess I’m done rambling for now. All in all.. I did rather enjoy this one.

Knitting: Nothing.

Writing: I had planned on spending the day writing, but it just didn’t happen. No, the story is NOT dead. I often talk to myself about parts of the story, I just wasn’t in a good writing zone, and I was watching “Saving Grace” which wasn’t a good background for writing Vampire stuff.

Alright.. time for my review of Twilight as I no longer have a headache.. And this is copied over from what I posted on Ravelry, but instead of being edited so not to hurt the Twisheep, this has the blanks filled in and commentary added.

It’s sad that I was distracted by all the greenery more than the acting. Oooh look at the green. Pretty. I was also distracted by the Cullen house more than what was going on in the house.
Robert P aka Edward looked constantly constipated. Seriously… And I’m sorry, I miss my english school boy from GoF.
Oh My Gods. Not only was it a volvo but it was a hatchback too?! WTF? I’m sorry, I don’t care if Volvo calls it a “3rd Door” that is a fucking hatchback. Hatchbacks are not sexy. Volvo’s are not sexy. Volvo’s are “safe mom cars”, or they are cars given to teenagers by their parents when it’s a “first car” situation.
I get it. She (the girl who played Bella) and Emma Watson must have gone to the same school of acting. There was only 3 expressions the entire time. And she must have learned that “pensive” eyebrow fluster from Emma.
Jasper looked constipated the entire time as well. Yes, I realize he was supposed to be in pain.. but he just more looked like he was constipated.
He’s freaking Tinkerbell! Did you notice when he went all sparkly in the field (which wasn’t a field, so WTF?!) there was a chiming bell. Yup.. he’s Tinkerbell.
Awww the geek boy I’ve liked for a long time has grown up… but into a jock? Thats just wrong. (If your wondering whom I’m speaking of, I’m talking about Michael Welch, who has notoriously played scrawny geeks in everything I’ve seen him in. Now he played Mike the jock, but everything else was like SG1, Joan of Arcadia, The Pretender, X-Files, Birds of Prey.. .the list goes on, but seriously.. all geeky kid.)
It’s already a slow paced.. they HAD to put in a slow motion scene? That was just painful.

So I guess thats all I’ll rant about now… eventually I’ll have to watch it again, but that is only because Guy has not seen it, and well… we need to heckle it together. He needs to read the books so that he knows what all the hype is about, and also so that when is sister goes on about how great they are, he can actually give a valid rebuttal of information that he got on his own instead of getting it from me.

Reading: Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. Unfortunately as WWBC took 1st dibs, I’m almost out of time on how long I have it from the library, and I don’t believe I can renew it. I may or may not get it done in time, as I am just starting it today. So far, it is enjoyable. Nothing like raining toads to kick off a good story.

Watching/Watched: Saving Grace, it’s good.. .wouldn’t necessarily have watched it if mom hadn’t gotten it.
Starship Troopers 2- My gods that was awful and wonderful. I mean honestly for a bug sequel it wasn’t bad. It was amusing to see whats her name* in it again only not playing the same character.
*Brenda Strong, who played the Captain of the Skymarshall ship in the first movie. (the one who died)
Bones season 3- MAN this season was a good one! And so much happened, so much changed. Don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t seen it, but hot damn it was a good season. I really did like the Booth and Bones in London episode, and for the record I do NOT like what happened to Zacheroni. Nor do I like what they did with Angela and Hodgens.

Next up:
Jekyll. Mmm nothing like BBC, James Nesbitt, and a classic horror story with a new twist.
Stargate Atlantis Season 4
Starship Troopers 3
State Within – jason issacs and a political thriller… woot!
Dr. Quinn Season 1 – yeah.. i know… an oldie.. but come on.. it wasn’t horrible
George Gently season 1 – another BBC crime show
Tale of Desperaux
Brothers and Sisters season 1- another one my mom picked.. don’t know if I’ll watch it.

I guess thats all I’ve got for now, and for the record… 3 days of headaches… NOT fun. I actually crave rainy days right now because that means they won’t work on the roof at work. The stench of tar apparently likes to trigger my migraines. The changing weather apparently did not help either.

Another month has finished, which makes me happy. Just have to keep surviving. October will be a changing month… it will decide some things work wise, but they have to give us 90 days notice if they are going to move/ not renew the contract. So, if something is up, we’ll start hearing whisperings as of July. I’m optimistic that they won’t change what they have, simply because they know they can’t rely only on the union desks in house. They need us. Thats why we are still around. And even if the worst does happen, there are other desks that I will be moved to. Okay, I’m done talking about work. All in all, even with the headache.. and how crazy busy we were this week.. for me it was a good week. there was no snapping at anyone. I’m proud of myself for that. (okay, admittedly on Friday there was some slight snapping, but the guy had flat out lied to me, so that always makes me cranky. I was just… “firm” with him from that point forward. But there wasn’t snapping.)

Okay. really.. done talking now.. i’m going to go have a brownie. I have a kittah cuddling with me.


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  1. rjccj

    Jekyll is beyond words amazing. Look forward to getting your reaction on it.

    May 3, 2009 at 3:41 am

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