This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

Very annoyed.

So.. Yesterday.. not such a good day.
Got off of work.
went to Colorado Mill Outlet to pick up the remaining button I need to finish Guy’s gator. Bought a few other buttons for a future project.

Got in my car and drove to Target. I needed to find something else for my mom’s birthday. Just in case the main thing didn’t arrive on time.
Well I found it. Yay. She’ll like it.
Also, I find out Target, carries Milky Way Midnights. Which is one of my FAVE candies. And I hadn’t been able to find them in a year at the very least. So of course I grab a few bags. I also found a sheet set on sale that was a pretty color and was nice feeling.
As I was starving, I grabbed many other things I shouldn’t have. But I figure it was okay to splurge.
I go out to my car.
I put the key in the ignition.
I turn the key.
The key turns with no resistance.
But nothing happens

i take the key out and try again
This time, I get the battery to engage.
But nothing else.
Funny thing is, the key will still turn, and I can take the key out, but the battery doesn’t shut off.

I try to keep myself from panicking. I realize my car book is at home. As I had been planning on doing my taxes, and that has all my info in it. (for the car)
Which means I don’t have the number for the Firestone down the street. Sigh.
So I call my mom. I can tell I’m starting to panic, but I try not to.
She grabs the book and starts heading down the street.
I go back into Target and return all the candy I don’t need, and the sheet set I don’t need. In my panicking mind.. I will need every penny. I did not however return the Milky Way Midnights. chocolates have endorphins, and i’m gonna need them.

Right as I’m walking out, mom drives up. we look at my car, and we start unscrewing the battery connectors so that my battery doesn’t die. Thankfully, we did not electrocute ourselves. Though, right as I was disconnecting it for some reason my wiper blades went off. Scared the piss out of me as I was not expecting it.

We drive literally the 10th of a mile down the road to the Firestone, these guys are the ones who have been working on my car so I trust them. And they are the closest place. I describe the problem, they think they can fix it, and I get the info for the tower they work with.
We go back to the Target, mom and I go inside, i show her the sheets I was going to get, and a discuss a few things. A few minutes later we walk back outside and the tow truck shows up.
We head back to the Firestone, start the whole process. I knew they wouldn’t get to my car last night. Which was fine. It’s the weekend and I had no plans that required my car.

I distract myself the rest of the night with tv and knitting.

Today, it’s also been tv and knitting.
I just got the call.
The Tumbler is fine.
The ignition switch is fine.

so it’s neither of the two problems we were hoping for.
They are going to have to remove my entire steering column and find out whats going on.

I’m most likely not going to get my car back till monday. Which means, I’ll also need to get a ride from my mother, and this is going to cost me at least 300$ And thats really not knowing what parts are going to be needed. Yup, I have a feeling most of my tax return is going to go bye bye.

Ironically, I’m blaming this on Daniel. As the day after he filed his taxes, his car also died. I was planning on filing my taxes yesterday, and my car died. He jinxed me.

Oh.. I completely forgot to talk about the rest of friday night.. yeah..
So mom told me I had gotten a package.
my yarn finally arrived… yay right? no.

it was in a clear bag of “because we care” from the post office. Shit.
the original bag, was so torn up that you could see my precious yarn.
I carefully remove my yarn….
the cone it’s self is crushed, and there is a bunch of grease/gunk on a section the yarn.
I’m not happy.

While I typed up an email to the company, mom quickly hand washed a section of the gunked yarn to see if it was salvageable. I actually need to go check it now. If I can’t salvage the yarn, the company is going to get some holy hell from me. And nothing.. nothing is worse than a bad review. Cause guess what.. I know a lot of people who want to buy undyed yarn. And they listen to me.

Either way the company is going to get an email with photos of the damage saying “you might want to change your packaging in the future because this is not acceptable.”
If it’s salvageable, I’ll clean it, skein it for transport and send it off to Jen for dying.
If it’s not salvageable, I’m going to cry.

This has been a crappy weekend. And March was supposed to be a good month. People wonder why I’m not a “happy” person. Well why the fuck should I be happy when every time I try to have a positive outlook or be happy, the world shits on me.
I can’t take a fucking step forward without being kicked seven steps back. I’m sick of it.

And I finished my little knitting pattern this morning.
I’m not happy with it.
So, I get to figure out how I can change it so I am happy with it. This pattern is not going to get published for a long time methinks.

Frankly.. the world can fuck off right now.

This, is an image of the damage on my yarn:

Oh, and I am very annoyed with Blogger and Gmail. Both of the fucking applications can kiss my ass and I can’t wait to have my own damn server so I don’t have to deal with crappy applications such as these.


One response

  1. Marissa

    UGH!! That sucks that your yarn was messed up, double suck for the car, and triple suck on the kissing tax return bye-bye.Like me, you cannot win for losing.

    March 8, 2009 at 5:57 am

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