This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

A Hard Days Bite, book reviews, and happy knitting.

So tonight, I did what I said I was going to do.
I sat down, without anyone around and worked a bit on the miscreant chapter 5.

Well, in truth I only worked on it a little. I worked on the end of it, which is where I was the most stuck.

I’ve got more I’ve got to work on in the middle of it, and bridge a few key areas, but the end is what was making me feel guilty- I just didn’t have a good feel going on the end of the chapter.

I moved on to chapter Six, which was written months ago… Honestly months ago. Like I had this chapter started before I even finished chapter 1. I might have to tweak 5 a little bit more to make 6 work a little more smoothly, and there are a few kinks, but we’ll see what James has to say about it.

It was a quiet evening in, which is what I needed.
Yesterday, I was stuck at the auto shop getting my car worked on. I was a good car mommy, and finally got the O2 sensor repaired. Gee… all in all, I’ve only got just over 800$ worth of work left on my car for it to be “spiffy”. But thats all normal stuff, like I need a new battery as mine most likely won’t last me to the summer. Or certainly not next winter. I need my coolant changed, as apparently it is Chocolate milk like right now. And a few other various things, but all in all no big deal. The expensive part is always the “labor” sigh.

Today I went out and bought myself a spiffy memory foam pillow, hopefully my neck won’t feel broke in the morning.
Went to the dreaded Walmart to pick up some sinus meds to avoid getting sick *knock on wood* and had a most horrible interaction while there. Seriously, employees were called over, and end result was Mother of Mine speaking to one of the managers to
inform them of how upset we were. I’m not going to go into details, but it’s all due to some crazy bitch who even went so far as to bust out and start screaming at me that she was going to “pray for me” WTF?! I didn’t do anything other walk past her.
Again, not going into it, but it was just bad.

Came home after that, and just chilled. Started laundry, took a shower, and started watching a few flicks.

Mother of Mine borrowed my car and drove to Denver (Littleton actually), for a Blair supper night with some of the clan members. Which allowed me to work on my knitting, and also work on my chapters.

So, quick little reviews:

Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke:
This one seemed a bit odd, as the story went everywhere but the investigation. Yes, there was investigating.. but it just seemed a bit scattered. You got to see more of the real Mike, and also more of Norman, and again I can’t seem to want to choose between the two of them. For a while there, I was very Team Norman, but now Mike has shown a side of him that really makes me like him more. The recipes were a little meh… I certainly won’t be frying candy bars any time soon, but the book was all in all enjoyable. Though one thing, yes the story seemed a bit scattered.. it didn’t seem like “filler” like previous novels.

Midnight Brunch by Marta Acosta:
I had the same issues with this one as I had with the first one. It feels like “wah wah wah. Everyone thinks I’m a slut because I’m Latino.” Where in truth, seriously.. if you dress like a slut.. what do you expect people to think?
The reason for her to stay at the spa was so plot contrived it was ridiculous. I don’t care how desperate someone is to prove themselves in a working way, if I was being treated like a doormat by some egotistical actor, and practically being blackmailed.. well they could kiss my ass. And for the main character who is supposed to be some “strong female” she did absolutely nothing but cave and give into every whim and demand of every man around her. The story was passable. And I still really _want_ to like the books. I may or may not give the 3rd book a try. It all depends on my mood. To be honest, the only character I have really grown to love is Edna.

The Day I Swapped my Dad for two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman:
Absolutely adorable and fantastic a story.I cannot wait to own it and read it to my future children. Neil Gaiman is once again brilliant with his story, and it was a very endearing story on how sometimes what you have is better than what you think you want, and what you’ll do to get what you want. Most certainly a brilliant read for both adults and children alike.

I know i have a few more books that I’ve read recently, but meh… just ask if you want to know about them.

I’ve also been watching a few things recently:
I just watched “The Incredible Hulk”
Okay, I actually enjoyed this one. Ed Norton is always meh in my opinion. But the fact that they had a cameo with Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark (Iron Man) was totally awesome. It wasn’t nearly the garbage that they did a few years ago. Including a cameo with the original Hulk. Come on.. you gotta love that!
Tim Roth is like as always the best baddie in the world. I love him.

The Journey to the Center of the Earth:
I also enjoyed this one. I only saw it in 2D, but it was cute, and very family fun entertainment.

Get Smart:
Yes, the new one. It was.. surprisingly enjoyable. I was a huge fan of the telly show growing up (and i’ve got season 1 on my library queue), but honestly, this wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Yes there were a few more fat jokes than necessary, but they were actually done in a tasteful way. Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 bothered me, as I didn’t remember Agent 99 being such a bitch, or so competitive. So yeah, I was not fond of that.

Rescue Me season 4:
I was shocked at this season, so much happened, but at the same time not. It wasn’t like previous seasons where they went for the shock value. It was more… “real” to me. The season finale was also unlike any season finale I’ve seen in a while as it was just quite, and yes there was something “drastic” but it wasn’t the main character in a house fire for once.

Hu$tle season 3:
I love this show, and season 3 was just as good as previous seasons. Seriously if you have not seen Hustle go and see it. Great British tv.

Crap, there are a ton more things I’ve seen recently but I can’t recall them at the moment.

I know I know I’ve promised a report on Repo. But I want to do it all justice when I type it up.

Knitting news:
I feel very accomplished!
I have successfully mastered Seed Stitch at the moment. YAY! Seeeeeee pretty huh???

I also, have successfully (today even!) completed a swatch of the Moorish Tile pattern. Woooooooot. It’s a bitch of a pattern for a noob like me. But I was determined. I’ll get photos up eventually.

The good news, is that SquibStitcher (or Pygstiches she’s known as one of the blogs I follow here) over at Ravelry is being totally totally awesome for me. She’s a dyer. And she’s totally willing to play with Bamboo yarn for me to get the nifty colors that are not available in most shops. It’s a battle. I guess people don’t think that those of us who are allergic to wool and most yarns, actually you know.. LIKE colors, and cool looking yarn. But so she’s totally awesome and is going to make me cool yarn. I foresee her getting a lot of my “splurge” money lol.

Well, I guess I’m done rambling for now. Kinda just enjoying watching Ranma 1/2 – I’m so glad they put that on DVD. I love that show.

holy crap. It’s 10:10 at night. It’s sooo past my bedtime. Sheesh. I’m pathetic. lol.

Well, wish me luck on getting more chapters written, or at least bridging the gap between the chapters I already have written. I do have quite a few chapters already done that fall after chapter 6.

Rambling again.. Sorry.


4 responses

  1. spud's bud

    Thanks again for the help.I’ll keep practicing till I get better.

    February 2, 2009 at 12:59 pm

  2. spud's bud

    Mind if I share your “Purling is a dirty girl” speech with a few people who I bet will enjoy it?

    February 2, 2009 at 4:07 pm

  3. Leslie

    Woot, love it that you are starting to get the hang of knitting, which as you very well know, I LURVES…

    February 2, 2009 at 8:53 pm

  4. spud's bud

    You right it is ribbing.I showed my friend and she said it wasn’t to bad so I’m trying out my new circular needles this weekend.I want to try to make wrist cuffs with them

    February 6, 2009 at 4:33 am

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