This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

Repo! A night of selfish enjoyment.

Yup. I said it. Entirely selfish of me to have a night out of enjoyment with a friend.

A friend I have not seen in honestly far too long. It is my Fernando.
It was the first time he and I got to spend time with no one else around. It was quite enjoyable. I didn’t know what to expect, since though I’ve known him for a long time now, like I said, I’ve never been around him when it’s just us.

We had a pleasant non date date. Two friends, having dinner and seeing a movie that we both were practically piddling ourselves in delight with the prospect of actually viewing.

I very much needed to go out. So much so that Mother of Mine would have forced me to go if I had decided to stay home. I had an absolute horrible day, where a ‘discussion’ with someone caused me to not only need to stop home on the way from work and get ice cream (which made me promptly ill), but also had me so distraught and upset, that I was bawling like a baby not once but twice. The first time having been alone, with an upset stomach, and just anger and tears and absolute sadness. I have not been that upset by someone in a long time. But, I am not going to go into that. I took a shower, got ready for the night, and went out because I knew it would be good for me, and I would have fun.

I picked Fernando up at his work, and we drove to Denver, and spent a few hours waiting for the midnight show of Repo! The Genetic Opera.

For those who don’t know what I’m speaking of, please check out the website

The entire drive up to Denver, we were talking about how excited we were to see the movie.
The theater was pretty much exactly where I remembered it. Which is funny, because I’ve never actually been to that theater and have only driven past it mayhaps once. It is out in the boonies of Littleton. The Elvis Cinema. Which that unto it’s self made a certain someone (not me) nearly piddle with delight.

So of course we are there early. We arrived at 7 pm, show doesn’t start till Midnight. There were a few other people waiting.. children for the most part. One girl who honestly should not have been wearing the nurses outfit she was wearing. It was entirely unflattering. Fernando and I were nearly having seizures being around that horrible “dress”.
In truth the only individual in the group that was remotely appealing to talk to was actually “Gimpy” as he labeled himself. I honestly do not recall if he ever told us his real name. As far as the nickname was going, he was having issues with his leg which was requiring him to use a cane to have mobility. He was genuinely nice to talk to.

After a while, the man in charge of the show came around, and found my name on his clip board. I of course was one of the small number of people who had purchased my tickets, and therefore received a refund. But our names were on the list to get “preferential” treatment since well… we actually were the first to secure tickets long before it was ever announced that it was going to be a free show. Fernando had not bought his tickets online, but as he was with me, Mark the guy in charge gave him his ticket right away, and he also later got to enter the theater first with me.
Yup.. rockstar treatment *wink*

Prior to the show starting, Fernando and I got to speak with Mark the guy in charge, because we were curious what his role with the Repo world was. Turns out he just got to see the show in Atlanta, GA (the Road Tour- and if i’m not mistaken the same show a friend of mine got to go to. I’ll have to ask her), well he just fell in love with it and decided that he was going to make it available to people in Colorado (I’m assuming he’s from here, but we didn’t get to speak for that long to be able to find out.) It was because of the excitement of the people like myself and Fernando is why he did it. (Again, I repeat myself, we were practically piddling ourselves in excitement)
I have been waiting for this show for nearly a year now.
Lets just say, it has been worth the wait, as in 1 month, I get the free show, the Dvd released and the Road Tour.

The Road Tour, for those who aren’t in the know is where the director, and the co creator (and GraveRobber himself) Terrance Z, and Allison from Rocklove jewelery, all get in cars etc and pack up the movie and bring it to town. Sign autographs etc.

Again, the amount of excitement I am having over the Road Tour is very piddle worthy.

Apparently “Piddle” is my word of the day lol.

During the last very moments prior to the movie starting, I was called to speak so as to inform the crowd of what the deal is with Rocklove jewelry and that the proceeds from the Scalpel necklace designed specifically for Repo, goes to making the Road Tour happen.

Well, Em a friend of mine was also at the show. Which was nice. She came and sat with meself and Fernando as I was the only person there that she knew. It was good catching up with her. As hers is a friendship that mostly was lost due to me leaving the Rogues and also not being apart of the other group.

The movie it’s self was orgasmic inducing sort of wonderful.
It very much is the Rocky Horror of the new generation. The film was frankly beautiful, it was dark, it was gory in some spots. And the acting… all of the acting, even I have to admit that Paris Hilton herself was passable. I cannot say she was good, as those words will never cross my lips, nor be typed from my fingers.

But everyone did amazing jobs. Anthony Stewart Head was absolutely.. just.. breath taking. He was brilliant. (And a bit creepy.. go see the movie, you’ll understand)
Sarah Brightman was just amazing as always. And for me, the one who stole the show was the GraveRobber himself Terrance Z.
Unfortunately, I do know one of his songs did not make the cut, which disappointed me, as I would have liked to see him more. Oh well, I always have the soundtrack with his wonderful amazing voice.

For the Repo Road Tour in 2 weeks (if i can ever get tickets. The fucking Mayan Theater still hasn’t updated the website- actually I just gave them a ring, and they are still having problems with the ticketing system but it SHOULD be fixed on Monday.) But anyways, Fernando and I will be going in costume.
I shall be going as the GraveRobber. For reasons being that I think he is the coolest character. My fave 3 of the show are GraveRobber, RepoMan, and Blind Mag. But for me the costumes for the last two would be too involved, and would have to find space in my boxes to ship to the UK. GraveRobber is a lot easier by the fact that I already have acceptable boots, I simply need a coat, a shirt of the right color, and I already have the right pants (or at least pants that will work- for once, Walmart came through, and they were even on sale. And hell I can even wear them to work). Walmart also came through on the little bits for my hair accessories. I had originally thought I would chop up a few of my wigs that I no longer really use at all, but this will be easier, and they are well.. damn perfect for 1.74$ After that it’s just a matter of putting a little makeup on. It means I’m not freezing my ass off in a skimpy little outfit, and I get to be one of my fave characters. As Fernando will be making me the coat, it’s all set. I cannot go out and purchase the proper coat, nor would I. And I cannot justify making it myself, as it breaks my “no more costuming rule” (see the whole packing for the UK situation), but… as Fernando is going to make the coat for me, I must accept the gift. Not to mention, I’m sure it will turn out beautiful, and I shall have a new winter coat. Not the traditional winter coat that I had been quasi looking for to replace my tatterd one. But, a coat none the less. It will also be a good chance to see what Fernando’s skill is, as there is discussion that he will be making my wedding gown.

Fernando, shall be going as the RepoMan, which is perfect for him. He also can justify making the costume as he is not shipping things to the UK in 17 months lol.

We shall be happy little geeks at the show. Yes, there will be pictures.
I do know Em took a photo of us after the show, I will post that soon as she gives it to me.

Driving home, Fernando and I talked about writing. He is a writer as well, and I bounced some things off of him for my novel.
I hadn’t spoken of my thoughts to anyone, as I am currently setting down the rules for my vampires.
Fernando loved my ideas. To him, they were plausible and original.
It was very refreshing talking to him about writing, it was part of what I needed. I ended the night in a state of calm, and utter excitement.

I got in the door after 3:30 am, which for me is a big deal. I’m generally in bed by 8. And yes, I was falling asleep prior to the movie starting, but after the movie started I was wide awake. Woot.
But so I take Pan to bed, and sleep with dreams and music of Organ repossession. Ideas for my Graverobber costume (see above), and also ideas for various Repo themed knitted stuff that I someday might design. And then in a brief moment (or at least it felt like that), my alarm went off telling me it was 5 am. Pan then wanted to be let out. So I drag myself out of bed and feed him. He apparently did not need to use the little kitties box, so we went back to bed. Where he spent a minimum of 20 minutes whining to be let out again. I wanted to kill him. I told him that a few times even. Finally he settled down and I got to on and off sleep until 9 am.
Finally I knew if I stayed in bed after that, I would end up with my headaches. So, I hauled my butt out of bed again. Stumbled downstairs, put in an episode of Six Feet Under, and just starting to check my email.
Mother of Mine woke up, and we decided to go out to get groceries as it was early. We went to breakfast at La Baguette. Which was very nummy. I currently have an Almond croissant and an Apple croissant waiting for me as a snack at some point.

On the way back after the expedition to walmart, we stopped at DSW, and I actually finally found a pair of shoes. I spent 45$ on a pair of mens shoes (the only womens shoes that fit the bill of what I wanted, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with, and also they had nothing remotely close to my size). But I grabbed a size 8 mens, and it fit perfectly (ha. I haven’t bought mens shoes for myself in over 10 years, but i got the conversion spot on on the first try!). Mother of Mine tried to tempt me with a pair of Dr. Martins that were absolutely gorgeous. They were I think 10 hole laceup, but with a side zipper. And they were on sale for 30%. I could not justify spending 70$ right then (after the 30% off), even though those were a freaking steal and I should have jumped on them. Oh well, there will be a time in my life where I won’t have to worry about justifying a new pair of shoes.

On a random note, the new Doctor was announced last night. Everyone other than Guy appears to be bitching about how young he is. Honestly people.. get over it. It’s called “demographics”. A hot young leading man will bring in even more female viewers. Just as a hot young female will bring in the male viewers, along with the action etc. Due to Loosing David Tennant, I’m quite sure the producers and network went “Oooh crap. We need something to keep all those women DT brought in!”
Pretty much all the Doctors after William Hartnell were of the younger persuasion, generally in their 30s. Who cares if the new one is 26??? By the time he actually takes the mantel of the Doctor, he’ll be 27, if not turning 28.
And also.. no one would accept seeing an old(er) man as the Doctor. No one anymore wants the Grandfather.
And you know what… if he auditioned.. and they decided that he had the chops that it would take to fill the Doctor’s shoes, than I say give him a chance. I didn’t like DT at first. Now I’m so very sad that he’s gone.
9 was my first Doctor, but 10 was the one that I fell in love with.

I guess I have rambled enough for this blog. I do apologize for that. But it’s been a busy 24 hours lol.
I’ve given up on Six Feet Under, and I have moved onto season 1 of The Unit.
I am in a contented place about the rules of my vampires in my world, as that had been bothering me, and I feel I might be able to move forward in my writing now.


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