This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

"If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… it must be a swamp thing?"

So today is New Year’s Eve.

I sat in front of my fireplace, trying to get a fire going, watching it rage and subside.
Life is very much like that, with times where it rages, and times where it’s only one little glowing ember. With the occasional pop and flare from a pocket of sap.

Oddly enough, I have the house to myself. The plans I had for the evening fell through, which was not surprising.
I am watching Six Feet Under. Which is not necessarily something someone who has slight depression should be watching on New Years eve. But my depression is alright right now.
As far as the show goes, I don’t know if I like it or not. I’m on the 4th episode… so I guess since generally I only give a show 3 episodes before I make a determination about it…. i guess so far I’m still watching it.

I should be spending this quiet time typing up my pages of text that I have in my note book.
But as I’m fighting off a bit of a headache right now, I think I’ll just wait till tomorrow… perhaps.

The important part is the fact that I’m actually writing at all. Typing it up can technically wait as long as I’m still getting the ideas down, and the world created.

I actually created a new character over the past 2 nights, whom is rather neat. I’m not entirely sure about him though, as his little details are still fuzzy. They are details that my readers may never see in this particular novel.. but the details need to be there at least in my own notes. Otherwise the character will come across half assed.. like.. ahem.. a few other authors tend to do when they are just creating the characters for the sake of having another body in the scene. (*coughLKHcough*)

The other night, there was no writing.. but there was a journal sketch done. I say journal sketch, as it is on the classic.. .lined notebook paper. Yup… I doodled.
One was a gargoyle or demon thing. No, it wasn’t Gaz. It was just me doodling.
And the first one that I actually drew was a scene of Alex in the final pages of the novel.

Someday, mayhaps I’ll post it up as it’s not that bad a sketch. Obviously I’m no artist when it comes to pencil and paper, and in my own defense, it was a figure of a human body in a position I’ve never sketched it in. But I still think it’s neat.

On a personal good note… I finally got off my bum and dug out my humidifier. Which I have been desperately needing. The past 2 days now, I could take the hair bands out of my hair, and quite literally my hair would poof and cling and be a static cloud. I really hate being so electrified as I always am. It has been making it very difficult to open doors at work, or get in and out of my car. Everything I touch I get zapped. But for the past 2 hours I’ve had the humidifier out I can already feel the difference.
Oh Gods.. I just went into a ramble about my hair.

Okay moving along… I of course got all weepy this afternoon when Honey of Mine called me to ring in the New Year. Obviously as I’m typing this it is not even close to midnight, but the unfortunate nature of different time zones, means that for him it has already come and gone and once again we were not together celebrating.
He mentioned that next year if it’s possible he wants to have me be in the UK for the New Year, which would be fabulous, but I doubt it will happen. Next January, we will be in the 6 month moving dash of “Oh my god, I’m about to move out of the country, and I’ve only got 6 months left to make sure everything is just how it needs to be!”
Also, I think it might be unfair to the possibility of my friends that i have still in the US, as it will very much be my last official New Years in the US. Yup, only one left after tonight. That doesn’t mean that someday I won’t be celebrating in the US again, it’s just if it does happen, it won’t be for a while, and it will be a vacation.

Well, I guess I’m done rambling. The fire is down to embers again, and it is technically already past my bedtime.

I hope everyone has a blinding* time tonight!

*Cockney slang.


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