This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

Another month bites the dust. (Really long. Sorry)

Today was most bored at work. I mulled my way through it though, doing enough work so that no one can say I didn’t. Yes, I could have done more. But to be honest.. I’ll still have done more than anyone else, so why should they be complaining??
I left work early at 12, which is normal.
I for some odd reason went over to the mall. GASP.
Yes, less than a week before Christmas and I went to the mall.
There were a few reasons for this. I wanted to find a calendar for us. Nope still didn’t find one. But i have a better idea of what i want. That was at Borders. Which apparently was having a 40% off one item sale. As I had walked in the store, I came across two printed off coupons for it that someone must have dropped.
Well, I used one and I handed the other to the girl standing in line behind me. I did buy something, but I can’t talk about it as Mother of Mine happens to follow my blog now, to quote her (said with a smile) “it’s none of your(her) damn business!”
Then I wondered over to Old Navy in hopes of possibly finding a pair of jeans on the clearance rack that fit me. The jeans I have right now.. both jeans that i currently use most in my jean circulation both hit me odd at the ankle and it drives me crazy. I detest my socks being so visible when I sit down. Now these jeans are fine during the summer when I am wearing sandals. But for winter when i wear socks… no… i can’t stand it.
No, I did not find anything. They actually had like no jeans on the clearance rack. And I am not about to pay full Old Navy price for a pair of jeans right now.
I did find on their 5$ tables a few shirts I wanted. Simple, long sleeved, light weight shirts, and one tank top that will do me in the summer. it’s amazing how quickly those 5$ add up.
I also looked at the mens coats. honestly, my GAP coat that i have had since 2002 is really sad and pathetic, and you can see more of the guts of it from the outside than you should or is decent. I loath the idea of buying a new coat, but with how much I wear mine.. I should do something. Both my main winter coats, are dying. A slow and painful death. Both of them are at least 5 to 10 years old, (honestly my black bomber might even be 15 at this point as I bought it BEFORE moving to Colorado), and they have been worn hard and almost every day.
The only men’s coat that was appealing to me, was not too bad looking, but the inside felt like.. well… felt. Which meant all my clothing will catch and I’ll also always be miss static shock! I’m already electric people, I don’t need another coat to add to it!
I didn’t get a coat. But I did buy a men’s thermal type shirt to replace my GAP one, which most certainly is about 10 years old, and is literally falling to pieces. Yes, I’m finally retiring it. Considering, I only spent 10$ on the new one, thats not bad. (I think my GAP one, I might have spent 30$ on. Ahh.. youth… with a bank account.. no cares… sheesh. Though, even if I did spend 30$ on it, that was nearly 10 years ago.. I think I got my money’s worth!)

I wondered around a few other shops. I stopped at “It’s Your Move” and spoke with dear Monsieur Weasley! You’ll not know of him on this blog. But it was back from the Deathly Hallows release party at the mall I attended (the Borders)with my last roommate. He was the perfect Bill Weasley. He had the hair. The body type. The boots.. the earring. Yup. He was perfect. We flirted with him. Dot had a crush on him. Hell.. if I was single, I would have had a crush on him. And between you and meself.. if it had come down to a contest between me and Dot, I would have won hands down. Amanda (room mate before Dot, and ex roommate of Dot as well)learned that one quickly. The blokes always went after me if there was the option. Comes down to the fact that I have a flirty nature and most importantly confidence. Okay, I’m done tooting my own horn. But back to Monsieur Weasley. Whos name I just now remembered is Cody. We had run into each other enough over the last year and a half that he does remember me. He informed me that he has put in his notice, and that the end of the month is his last working there. He is moving back to New England. Ah well, I don’t blame him one bit. Colorado Springs does not have many options for living. Unless you have a security clearance that is.

Moving along, I managed to resist the temptation of buying some Pretzel bites, even though they were smelling delish! And nothing in any of the stores that I frequent were appealing to me. I saw a shirt in Hot Topic that Mother of Mine mentioned she saw a girl wearing. it was “I (heart) boys who sparkle” Yes, it was in fact a Twilight reference. Sigh. I hate fangirls.
I looked for a pair of shoes, as the ones I currently am wearing for winter, are bothering me. I paid 7$ for them on my birthday, so I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of them. But still, the are just a shade too small so my poor big thumb toes slightly hurt by the end of the day. (Wow.. that was a reference that took me back to my youth. Yes, I did in fact used to call my big toe the “big thumb toe”)
I skiddaddled on home, only having been at the mall for an hour and a half. Not too bad all in all.
I have to say the crowds were not as bad as I imagined they would be. It actually reminded me of shopping in my youth at the Thousand Oaks mall. Yeah.. thats it. It was a normal day at the T.O mall was how crowded it was here for christmas. So it could have been a lot worse.

Mother of Mine is apparently not feeling well, so I have been chilling talking to my hunny and watching The Da Vinci Code this afternoon.

Today is the anniversary of meself and himself.
As of today, we only have 1.63 years left to go. That also breaks down to still being 17.5 months away.
Today, I also received my care package from himself.
The one that had all my pressies pretty much for the last year.
Our Yearly anniversary (which is different than today’s anniversary, same date, different month), Valentines Day, My birthday.. and the Solstice. Or Christmas. Whatev.

I was told to open the box, as my Solstice presises were wrapped up. The others weren’t. So it was safe.

I sat there with tears running down my face, bawling like a little girl as I looked at all the wonderful, and most importantly thoughtful things that my sweetie gathered for me.

I received two James Bond books:
Quantum of Solace
and Devil May Care

The irony is that I just finished reading Casino Royale this morning while I was at work. So the timing was perfect.

I also got a Torchwood book. “Another Life” (the first one)
A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates by Captain Charles Johnson (which I believe Mother of Mine will most likely steal.)
Chobits volume One

A beautiful bracelet from India, made of enameled copper and bronze tones (on copper- i think that it is copper), it looks like it depicts the sun and the moon, but I could be wrong. I don’t know if it is something I would have chosen for myself, but I love it. (I think the reason I wouldn’t have chosen it is the actual bracelet part is colors I don’t think I would choose, light tanish brown tones, where i’m more darker tones when it comes to my browns) But I do love it. I will have to coat all the metal bits in clear nail polish, so that I can wear it. And I will take a photo of it sometime in the near future.

I also got some buttons, a grouping of Beatles buttons, Vampire buttons, and a little button that shows a flying witch, and says “Neighborhood Witch”. It’s cute. I like it a lot.
I got a Geek tag that says “wicked” on it, I’ll have to change the chain on it, so that I can wear it with other things, as I like the tag.

I got a set of DVD’s, Life on Mars being most prevalent on it. WIth a few other movies also burned. (Wall.e and Highlander (snerk.. like i don’t already own that), and The Secret of NIMH – squeeeeeee I love that movie)
I finally had a chance to test my region hack for my dvd player.
Which appears to have worked… but… I still couldn’t play the dvd’s as the format was set to AVI… oh well, sweetie forgot to change that, or it didn’t take when he changed it. It’s alright. It plays on my laptop. And, I have him hunting down a cable that would work to hook my laptop up to my ANCIENT telly. (Seriously.. who still uses AV RYW cables??? Yeah. I do. And my telly is such crap, that it’s just the Yellow White cables, not even the red cable. *sniff* that poor red cable just hangs limply down from the front of my telly looking all forlorn and unloved.)
Can I just say I cannot wait till I have a new Telly? I’m sick of the streaking I have down the top 3 inches of my telly, and the fact that it’s so ancient to begin with. I doubt I’d be able to hook up a PS3 to it. (Sweetie and I will have a sweeeet setup to snuggle in front of. Not right away. It’ll depend on the budget. But there will be HD. There will be Bluray. Oh yes, there will be a computer hard drive hooked up and set aside specifically for the telly.)

Meep Rambling. Sorry. Moving along, I also got a framed Doctor Who image thingie. It’s got my Doctor (10.. technically 9 was the first Doctor I fell in love with, but I’m more than happy to claim 10 as my Doctor as well. I’m a bi doctor kind of girl.), an image of the Tardis, and a Dalek. There will be jealousy running rampant of all my friends. Oh yes, very much so.
Speaking of Doctor Who, and this blog being called “Journal of Impossible Things”, those in charge, have decided to release as a toy.. John Smith (aka The Doctor)’s very own Journal of Impossible things.. SQUEEEE.

Sorry for the large picture size, but it’s the little book thingie on the left side.
Sweetie of Mine has promised me that some day I will have it. Yay! It’s just a toy, an in expensive toy at that, and I actually want to make one. Which I will some day. But having a little one like that means the future little Child of Mine will get to run around with a prop.

Hmmmm.. That almost gives me an idea. Mayhaps Alex (main character in novel- A Hard Day’s Bite) should have a Journal of Impossible things for her ever changing world.

Or.. maybe I should leave that for my Steampunk world? Mayhaps it would fit better there… hmmm I’ll have to ponder it.

Speaking of the novel (A Hard Day’s Bite), I actually have a little research project for Mother of Mine, as she is the go to girl for the Scottish stuff, and for anything relating to Diana Gabaldon’s world. Something in “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” stuck with me, and I want to know if it’s actual myth or something Diana created. It’s sad, a few years ago.. I would have been the go to person for the answer to this, but thats what happens when you break away from that world for so long.

Moving along (sheesh this is a long entry.. sorry peoples, I’m in a chatty mood)… I have been sucked in to Ravelry. It’s a knitting … BLACKHOLE. It sucks you in. I’ve joined many groups on it, and all of this is in hopes of getting my knitting skillz up. After all, I won’t be able to run to Mother of Mine and ask her to make me things. I do need to learn for meself. Hmmm.. I wonder if mayhaps I’ll mention some really cool knitted item in my novel and get my own group on Ravelry. That’d be neat. Hell, even if I don’t mention something knitted in my novel, I could possibly end up with a group, as there are groups for everything and everyone. That’d be neat.

Okay, I guess I’m done rambling now. Later people


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  1. rjccj

    Combining two elements of this blog made me remember something. Not sure I told you about the best tshirt from Dragoncon this year. Wasn’t for sale and was 20+ years old and I geeked out when I saw it on the guy. Was glad I had witnesses cause they loved the shirt too. “I (heart) (heart) Doctor Who.” Offered to buy it off the guys back, but…lolAnd I love the journal! I haven’t seen that one on sale but it is sooooooo cool!Congrats on braving the mall. And very awesome pressies. 🙂

    December 20, 2008 at 1:46 am

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