This blog is mostly going to be my little place to talk about the novel I am writing. Which is why I stole a quote from one of my favorite tv shows, as this novel I am writing, I plan to finish, and at times.. it feels like an impossible thing. Also this is to journal my move to the UK, and starting my own business as an Indie Yarn Dyer

A Werewolf Moon, Inspiration, and future promises.

So today, I have not written any new pages.

Nor have I typed up those 8 pages of long hand staring me down. Which I’ve been staring right back at all this time.

No, today I some how managed to get roped into *someday* writing a Vampire Steampunk Novella. – They wanted a full novel, but apparently will settle with a novella (aka short story).
Mother of Mine will dutifully reply to her Ravelry friends that yes, I will someday do it, but I need to finish writing both A Hard Day’s Bite, and my steamy airship story.

Now news on A Hard Day’s Bite. Like I said, I didn’t get anything written or typed, but I did just spend the last hour looking for “Character Inspiration Photos”. Meaning looking for qualities in famous people whom I think about when I think about some of my characters. Now this does not mean that I think of a specific person then base my character off of them. No, it is I think of qualities then find the person to match. That way I have a visual representation to remind me “oh yeah, thats how I wanted the hair” sort of deal. Also the other day while I was at work, I was bored and decided to do a bit of a search on Gargoyles. Just for the hell of it. 😉

Lets just say… mmmmmm i just got a lot of eye candy.

Who might be on my list?
Weeeelll fine I’ll tell you.

Keira Knightly
Alex O’Loughlin
David Boreanaz

Those are just a few mind you. I’ve been gathering images for a while.

And no. I’m not going to tell you who represents who, or represents aspects of whom.
Ha ha ha. Yes, I’m evil. I doubt even my 1st readers would be able to figure it out at this point. Muhahahahahahaha.

Sigh. I really should type up those pages. Mayhaps I’ll get more inspired if I get it down.

Last night, by the way was absolutely a gorgeous moon. It was the fullest moon of the year. Which, actually I had to print out an article about the moon, as part of my research. Friday (when the moon was going to be full) was actually quite a good day for inspiration. Got two ideas written down, and research started, and also nabbed another reader (see previous blog).
Mother of Mine is going to try quilt what we saw of the moon. Specifically as it was surrounded by a full circle of rainbows. The colors went double even. And it was rather neat as there was a contrail running through it, and also there were “werewolf” clouds floating around it. (That comment was stolen by Dave Lowe, whom has an amazing photo of the moon- sans rainbow and contrail on his blog. You can find him under the list of blogs i follow)It is actually the Wolf Moon, which was neat, with those special clouds. It has many other names, but honestly I do believe the Wolf Moon was perfect for it. Mother of Mine is going to actually do the quilt as how I saw it when I was walking back into the house, through the barren tree branches. That will give it a neat perspective, and a focus point so that it isn’t just a moon in the night sky.
I have warned her that I will most likely steal it if she makes it, barring of course if she sells it. Which considering she hasn’t sold any quilt I’ve laid claim to, I think that this not yet made quilt will be snuggled safely amongst my things to move to the UK.

So no, I have not written down anything since yesterday in regards to A Hard Day’s Bite which is sad. But, I do have to say this.. the world is very much fleshing it’s self out to me, and for that I am happy. It is no longer shapes in the mist. It is now defined faces, defined personalities, defined locations. What vampires can and cannot do, what a little bit of their mythos are. Cute little nods to the past vampires that came before them.
This, makes me very happy.


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